Friday, August 01, 2014

Nicaragua: July 31st (Part B)

Steph sent more in the the morning:

"I won't have much time this morning to write but I will try. 

Yesterday morning the kids didn't have school so we had a huge group. I went to the mall to print some pictures so I missed half of the chaos. ;). When I returned with pictures, I had a small taste of what Jesus may have felt:  I was walking through a sea of arms grabbing me, saying "Señora, foto? Foto?" It was a little insane but it eventually passed. 

Fewer kids showed up in the afternoon because some had school, but after school we had a few favorites come back for the evening service. I felt like we really were getting settled in the village. Micah says it feels like home. Mitch had some hard tears to shed. Well, nearly all did. Anna says the girl she regrets leaving most is the one she had just met that afternoon. Thankfully I had snapped a photo of the two of them together.

The church service was like a huge party. It was so so so hard to leave and it felt like the goodbyes were sudden and all too brief.

Shoot...I just got the 7 min to load the bus call. So this is it for now. We are tourists today."

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