Thursday, September 25, 2014

Baby #10 is a...

We had our 20-week ultrasound today!

Mitch took the day off school. Zeke and Josh were invited to go along. I guessed girl, Mitch guessed boy, Zeke guessed boy, and Josh guessed girl, so that was fun. It was a lot of fun having the boys in the room and we explained many things to them about the ultrasound. Immediately after the tech started scanning, Mitch and I saw between-the-legs, but the tech didn't tell us her guess until the end of the scan. I thought that was funny. It was fun for Zeke and Josh to have to wait until the end. We had a really great look at the baby, who was moving around quite a bit. The baby's heart rate was 140 and the baby weighs approximately 15 oz. I only got two images of the baby, and only one of them I really like so here ya go...

I cried, like always. Happy tears. It is so amazing to watch on a screen!!

We planned a little surprise for the kids at home. We decided beforehand to go buy either pink or blue kool-aid. We also bought some cupcakes. It was REALLY fun, and Zeke and Josh did a great job of keeping it a secret until we brought out the stuff...

It's a GIRL!!

So exciting! It will be our first time having two girls in a row. 

Edit to add: I forgot to say that baby girl was moving around quite a bit. At one point the tech said she had to chase her. Still she was able to get good pictures from what I could see. I guessed that my placenta is on the top again, slightly to the left, and I was right! I feel good strong kicks on my right side, and occasional softer taps on the left. I rarely feel anything at the top. The baby was laying transverse, with her feet over on my right and her head over on my left. When I saw the doctor later, she said that the estimated due date according to the ultrasound is February 2nd. That is 9 days earlier than my calculated due date of February 11 (based on my last menstrual cycle). Since I was breastfeeding, it is possible that ovulation was just way off (I mean, I had had a year of cycles with apparently no ovulation, so it's possible!). And of course the ultrasound is only an estimation based on measurements and averages. For a fun little comparison, Josh was estimated to weigh 8 oz at 20 weeks, was born at 38 weeks, and weighed 7 lbs 5 oz at birth. Mercy was estimated to weigh 13 oz at 20 weeks, was born at 40 weeks, and weighed 8 lbs 12 oz at birth. My guess is that the extra 2 weeks of gestation is why she was a pound heavier than Josh, and her heavy weight at 20 weeks was no indicator of being born before my "due date." Interestingly, her estimated due date according to the ultrasound was exactly the same--or within one day of my calculated due date according to LMP.


  1. Whoa, I was right for once!! Duck--the pigs are going to fly in at any moment! Or the sky will fall or something like that. :P Congratulations on another little one!!

  2. Congrats! Hope no one was too disappointed.

    -Jessi Cooper

  3. Working to even out the score boys vs. girls? :) Now you have the same counts as my dad's family. It is fun to see how several of our kids lined up, but you had a head start and I didn't try to keep up with you once I got started. Very happy for you to have another girl.

    Karla Sorensen