Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Josh's Little Accident

Short story: While riding his bike last night, Josh was "bumped" by a car. He is 100% ok and we thank God for protecting him!

Long story: Zeke, Josh, and Malachi have permission to ride their bikes around our neighborhood. There are many bike paths, and they can go pretty far without crossing roads. They do have permission to cross a few roads, and have been taught how to do so. Apparently Josh was riding a bike with no brakes and was approaching an intersection with a private drive to a group of patio homes. He didn't stop, and a car coming out of the drive hit him. The entire row of houses is protected by a row of pine trees that lead right up to the drive, so the driver couldn't see the sidewalk or road and had to pull beyond the stop sign in order to check traffic before pulling out. So he didn't see Josh until it was too late. It looks like he just bumped the front wheel of Josh's bike, twisting the handlebars into Josh's stomach and leaving a superficial scratch. (The rubber grip on the handlebars was previously scraped off, leaving a rough metal edge anyway). Josh fell off his bike, of course, but didn't bump his head (he was not wearing a helmet).

I was in the middle of making supper when a neighbor called our house phone and told me one of the kids had gotten "bumped by a car" and "he was fine", but they thought I should "come right away and check him out." I left immediately without telling Micah where I was going and without grabbing my cell phone (I thought I would be right back). I jogged to the corner, where I saw some people waving me down at the next intersection a block away. I jogged to that intersection (I was thinking earlier that I should get out and enjoy the last warm day this week...ha!).

Josh was sitting up and talking, and everyone started talking to me at once. Josh looked fine to me. The driver, an older gentleman, was extremely concerned and apologized over and over again and offered to do anything he could to help. I sat with Josh for a while and assured the driver that he looked ok to me. It was evident that Josh was riding his bike very fast and had no intentions of stopping at that intersection. If anything, I held Josh responsible and I was somewhat mad at him for that. I asked him if he could walk home and he said he could. So just before we got up to walk home, we heard sirens. Someone had called 911. That is good, but at the moment I was like "Oh crud." So we sat and waited. Now, of course, I realize the wisdom in that and I'm thankful that people around were proactive.

The fire truck was the first to respond and they checked Josh over. Then the ambulance came next. The paramedics were very nice and asked Josh what happened. I declined a trip to the hospital (we could always take him later, I reasoned) and they told me what to watch for. They gave Josh a dairy queen certificate and warned him that if they saw him without his helmet again he would have to pay them back. The officer that responded talked with both Josh and the driver. Thankfully he did not issue the driver a citation. I'm glad there was no need to. But the fact that the bike didn't have brakes was a factor as were the trees blocking the line of sight at the stop sign.

Scott and Shannon were coming over for supper (which I hadn't finished making). They found Micah pretty worried because he didn't know where I went. They figured it out quickly, and Shannon came and sat with us on the curb until all the reports were done. She also gave us a ride back home (so no more jogging for me, LOL). As we turned to leave, we noticed Mitch had pulled up behind the officer, so he stayed and chatted with him for a few minutes. The officer apologized for not being able to issue a citation. Again, Mitch and I were just glad it was not necessary. We have no regrets. The gentleman who was driving the car was really neat. He has 12 kids ages 40-something down to 20-something (a 22-year spread). I wish we had met under different circumstances. He offered to fix Josh's bike (which was generous, but I declined). He was very sweet. One positive side to having a police report is now I have his name and address and we can send him a note. Josh is doing just great and is no worse for the wear. I hope this has been a good lesson for him, and I hope that Zeke and Malachi learn from it too. We sure did cause a fuss and got a lot of attention!

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