Thursday, October 30, 2014

24-25 weeks pregnant

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant. Last week for 24, I had Eden snap another pic...

My doctor appointment got postponed until this week, however, so my stats are for week 25.

Weight: 152.4 (gain from last 5 weeks: 9.6, total gain: 27.4...ick!)
Blood Pressure: 92/64 (low but 100% normal for me)
Baby's heartbeat: 156

I ate a bite of chocolate before I left the house for my appointment. By the time we got to listening to the heart beat, baby was wide awake and moving like CRAZY. It was so funny that the practitioner was laughing as she chased the baby all around. The baby kicked the doppler several times, making very loud static noises. :)

I have been feeling pretty "normal." But it is definitely harder being pregnant now (at almost 38 years old) than it was even just a few years ago. My SI joint is giving me a bit of trouble (I'm sure the fast weight gain doesn't help). There are a couple exercises I can do at night that do give me relief (see video here if you're interested), but sometimes I'm just falling into bed and have zero motivation, even for stretches that feel good. This was a problem during my last pregnancy too.

I've been having increasing braxton-hicks contractions, which are more annoying than anything. They are more noticeable the larger my tummy gets. But I've also been having normal round ligament pain, which can cause me to pause what I'm doing and need a break. Baby is growing!! Oh and of course don't forget the middle-of-the-night leg cramps and bathroom trips.

I have some really good days where my energy is high and I can keep up with the to-do list. Then there are other days when I know as soon as I get out of bed that it's just not going to go well. I feel weak and tired right out of the gate. It's hard to push through and have stamina on those days. Naturally I end up feeling short-tempered and also discouraged. I hate those days.

Baby is moving really, really well. She gets the hiccups often. That's one of my favorite pregnancy symptoms because it reminds me that she is practicing breathing--getting ready for doing it for real. Tirzah got to feel her kick on Monday. The look on her face was priceless. She is the first person (besides me, of course) to feel the baby kick.

I volunteered for a training ultrasound at the local tech college. That is coming up in a couple weeks. I'm excited to get another look at our little girl.

We are still hunting for the right name. I've had plenty of suggestions but nothing that I love. I printed off lists of women in the Bible, places, cities, virtues, and even Puritan names. Some of those Puritan names are wild! "Tribulation" didn't make our short list.  Ha!

I have some kitting and crochet projects in the works, but nothing finished yet. I visited a local yarn store, where I was surprised and amazed at all I have been missing. The store had many varieties of yarn that I had never seen before, and I would say for good reason--most that I saw were imported. There were baskets and baskets of yarn from Germany. Oh I was in yarn heaven! Now I know why Patrick's grandma makes socks. ;)  The prices were a little too expensive, but I managed to bring home a couple of my favorite finds for small projects.

Ok, I'm off to find my motivation to serve snack to the kids and finish up school with my boys this morning. Today is a low-energy day, and I just can't afford it!!

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  1. Since you asked (kind of), I like:
    Ada, Anna, Bethlehem, Charity, Christiana, Constance, Elizabeth, Eve, Faith, Felicity, Grace, Glory, Helen (light-bearer), Hannah, Honor, Irene/Irena (peace), Joy, Keziah, Kerith, Leah, Lydia, Magdalen, Mara, Martha, Natalie/Natalia (birth), Olive (symbolizes peace), Patience, Prudence, Providence, Pearl, Ruby, Rebecca, Rhoda, Rachel, Rose, Rosemary, Ruth, Selah, Sarah/Sarai, Serena, Susan/Susanna, Trinity, Timothea, Zoe (life).
    -Jessi Cooper