Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Zeke is 11!

On Sunday we celebrated Zeke's 11th birthday. His is the last kid birthday we will celebrate this year, so for the next 3 months we can easily say our kids' ages: 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1.  That's pretty fun.  Oh, and now I just realized that, Lord willing, a year from now we can count backwards by 2's from 18 down to zero. Wow, that will be neat!

At 11 years old, Zeke:

~is our unofficial neighborhood ambassador...he knows more people in the Westwood area than I do!
~makes friends easily and seems to be sensitive to the needs of others. He has the gift of hospitality.
~thinks deeply about some things and sometimes he can be so stuck on one thought that he can't focus on what he should be doing

 ~chose carrot cake for his birthday dessert and chicken wild rice soup for his birthday dinner (he also requested french toast sticks for breakfast, which I indulged in...yum!)
~is our least picky eater and is usually very willing to try new foods

 ~enjoys a huge variety of activities from playing in the woods with our neighbors to playing xBox with his siblings
~still has asthma and struggles to remember his daily (long-acting) inhaler
~seems to have difficulty sleeping (side effects of taking/not taking the inhaler???)

 ~enjoys IEW (our writing the most in school and says that "probably math" is his least favorite subject, but I think he forgot about spelling. :)  Correction: he says "Spelling is good, I like it." We use All About Spelling now, and I wish we had found that 6 years ago!
~has an inquisitive mind and is pretty good at figuring things out if I leave him alone

 ~would like to go mountain climbing, or just tree climbing, if he could go anywhere in the world
~wants to be a "night guard" when he grows up (he said, "I like staying up, and it would be fun to walk around with a flashlight...")

~wears a size 10 pants and size 12-ish shirts, and I think size 7.5 in men's shoes

I gave Zeke a game called "Dragonology" for his birthday. It is based on a book by the same name that Patrick's family gifted to our family a few years ago, and the boys have really enjoyed. It is a pretty neat game. I also found a similar book called "Piratology." We recently had a brief study of pirates in our survey of American History and Zeke really seemed to like it. He loves the book. There are so many things to read.

I just think these pictures are too adorable.  Zeke and Mercy were on the couch for a while, and I was sitting in the rocking chair doing some hand stitching. I was compelled to grab my camera to preserve the moment (sure wish I was compelled more often!).

Happy Birthday, Zeke buddy...I know that you didn't get to do *everything* that you hoped to do, but we still tried to make it special. I pray that God will keep you throughout the next year!

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