Monday, November 24, 2014

Something Changed!



{It looks a bit different, don't you think?}

It doesn't look "prettier," but that was not the goal. Here's the back story:

When we first moved in (11 years ago), we had a small leak above the garage. Since our home was under warranty, we called the builder to fix it. Ha. What a joke! We didn't follow up, and years later a small leak had become a big problem. Of course when the housing bubble burst, many people went out of business (including our builder), so by the time we realized we had a big problem, there was nothing we could do. This year we decided to pursue our options and found out about several types of HUD loans. We qualified for one, and after months, we were able to get the work done. I thought that once we got 13 inches of snow on November 10th that it meant we were out of luck until spring. In reality, contractors these days work all winter long. We had a "warm" (relatively) weekend this past weekend, so he took advantage of it. We opted to completely remove the peak above the garage since its only purpose was decorative and the seams were the cause of the leaks (well, the poorly done seams...seriously we have no idea how the roof passed inspection the way it was done originally).

Our next project is to insulate the garage. The reality of having a heated garage is getting closer!

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