Monday, December 22, 2014

32 Weeks Pregnant

Well, now I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant, but here are some stats from last week when I was too busy to update:

I saw the doctor on Wednesday when I was 32 weeks right on the dot:
Weight: 165.4 (4.4 lbs gained in 4 weeks, 40 lbs total so far)
Blood Pressure: 117/73 
Baby's Heart Rate: 156 (crazy girl)
Fundal height: 33.5 cm (this is an imprecise science. I *should* be measuring about 32 cm, but it can change based on baby's size, fluid levels, and even baby's position. The doctor is not concerned. But there is that "Hmmm...we might need to expect a baby sooner rather than later.")
Other: I see the doctor again at 34 weeks, then starting at 36 weeks I go every week. This always feels like things start to speed up and while the waiting in between can still feel like 4 weeks (especially at the end), I know it will never slow down from here! I scheduled all my appointments to make sure I got convenient times. I scheduled all the way to 40 weeks "just for giggles." Who knows? Maybe I'll need that appointment! I never thought I would in any pregnancy, but then I did when I was pregnant with Mercy. :)

I have quite a few things that need to get done before the baby arrives, but I feel like I need to get through Christmas first. I also know that we have a little experience, so there's not *that* much that needs to be done. Mostly I need to wash the baby clothes and organize them into the dresser, and get the carseat cleaned up and ready to go. 

And totally not baby related--this was a birthday/Christmas present for me--a couple weeks ago we got to double date with the Emersons and went to the cities for the Michael W. Smith-Amy Grant Christmas Concert. I have been a fan of Smitty and Amy since I was a little girl, so this was a dream come true. It was so much fun hanging out with our friends and I think I enjoyed the conversations most of all. There were many fun things that happened on that night!

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