Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some Christmas Pictures

Here are some pictures from our Christmas this year:




 {Our very special nativity from Germany}

 {So thankful for these cloth bags for wrapping presents!}


 {Just like her big brother!}

{Little Mommy taking care of baby Jesus...put him in, take him out...}

 {Could Eden take a picture where I *don't* look as big as the Christmas tree??? 33 weeks pregnant}

 {Christmas dinner...not my choice, but definitely theirs!! Happy Josh and Malachi}

 {Cheese balls = Mercy's new love}

 {Zeke demonstrates that his new Bible really is waterproof!}

{Playing Pit with Mitch's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jeff}

 {Jeff is a natural...he painted Tirzah's nails!}
{We were so excited to receive packages from Patrick and Kathi in Germany...always so cool.}

 {Patrick sent lots of handmade wool socks, as well as wool sock yarn for me. So exciting! We laughed at how nearly every person's socks matched what they were wearing that day.}
{Baby's first gift!}

{Kathi sent sweet little gifts...literally...lots and lots of delicious chocolate. German chocolate is the best in the world!}

{Mercy says, "It's chocolate!"}

 {On Sunday I made a ham and we had a beautiful Christmas dinner.}

There's more to the story, but I have to fight to get computer time these days. I'm off for now. 
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!

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