Wednesday, January 07, 2015

35 weeks pregnant and more

I'm 35 weeks pregnant today! So 5 weeks to go, give or take a little. It seems like a loooooong time, though. I don't know why it's so hard at the end. Part of it is the pain and discomfort I feel. I saw the doctor for my 34-week appointment last Friday. Here are the stats:

Weight gain: 1.2 lbs (not bad for 2 weeks, and over Christmas to boot! Total gain--41.6 lbs.)
Blood pressure: 111/74
Baby's heart rate: 130s
Fundal height: 35 cm

I'm still measuring large, and when I had an ultrasound at the tech college my fluid levels were at the upper max of normal. I mentioned that the baby feels very high and "floaty." I have a lot of discomfort up around my right ribs. It gets to be downright painful. It feels like there's a knife between my ribs, especially in the back. When I have a braxton-hicks contraction, it is really painful if the baby happens to have a leg/foot/body part up by my ribs (which is often). Ow ow ow. The doctor decided to send me for a bio physical profile to check fluid levels. I'm excited to get to peek at the baby again. I always enjoy the wonder of ultrasounds.

My iron supplement gave me a lot of trouble, so I ordered a liquid supplement that a friend recommended. It has been so much better. As a bonus, the liquid supplement has folic acid and vitamin B12. Super! Because I hate my prenatal vitamin and I don't take it, either. I've been drinking Earth Mama's Third Trimester Tea. Next week I think I'll start taking alfalfa. Though if I don't quite get myself motivated to, there is some in the tea.

In the meantime...

Mitch and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on Saturday! We enjoyed a pretty typical Saturday (laundry, grocery shopping, afternoon nap for me), then we went out to eat for supper while the kids at home had spaghetti. If I haven't mentioned it before, I'll mention it again. I really dislike spaghetti when I'm pregnant. I can tolerate it when I'm not pregnant, but I'm the kid at the table eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on spaghetti nights. The hamburger and onion rings I had were the best food I'd eaten all week. I inhaled them. Oh yum.

My 34w3d belly. Huge.

I was thrilled that Mitch and the kids got the Christmas tree taken down on Tuesday of last week. We got all the decorations put away, except for a Joy to the World wall hanging that I bought on clearance at Walmart. I'm considering Mitch's good suggestion of leaving it hanging all year round. It matches the color of our walls. :)

I somehow managed to not take any pictures, but we had our college friends Al and Barb (and their three kids) up to visit over the New Year holiday. They came up on New Year's Eve and stayed the night. It was SO MUCH FUN. We ate junk food and played games until midnight. The Emersons joined us for a little while, too. We counted down and rang in the new year with some sparkling juices and the song All Glory Be to Christ by Kings Kaleidoscope (which is set to the tune of Auld Lang Syne). I love that song. Mitch, Micah, and Al got to play some basketball together. Barb and I got to do some fun shopping. The kids had tons of screen time, plus running around outside and inside.

Zeke got a bionicles lego set for Christmas (one of my fabulous thrift store finds). I wondered if it would have all the pieces. I hoped it would be fun, even if it was missing something. It was missing some instructions, but those were easily found online. He spent a few days working on building it. It turned out to be way cooler than I imagined. Oh, and doesn't his haircut look cute? I love his long, shaggy curls, but it's nice to have him cleaned up a bit too. He DOES have ears!

I told the small kids for months that the baby would be born "after Christmas." I figured after Christmas I could say "after Caleb's birthday" and that would get us close enough. I also thought about doing a paper chain after Christmas. As I was sitting thinking of this more yesterday, I got another wild hair to put fun facts on it. For example, I had Eden when I was 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant. So on the chain that will be 37w4d, I wrote that that's how pregnant I was when Eden was born, her birth weight, etc. I got out my baby books and eventually thought up stats to write every day from today until Valentine's Day. I put the links for January in pink and the links for February in red. I hope to make it to the red...after that I hope it's really fast!

So here's today's. It says "When I was pregnant with Eden at 35 weeks I weighed 137 lbs and my tummy was only 32 cm. Her heart rate was 136." Just a little perspective for you--I weighed almost 167 at the doctor on Friday, and my tummy was 35 cm. Wowzers what a difference!

This past weekend and again yesterday I spent a few hours getting started on our taxes. This is normally a chore that I enjoy, mostly because I get to use a part of my brain that I typically don't get to. I think it's because I'm pregnant and suffer from "pregnancy brain" (yep, that's a thing), but it is really difficult. It's always hard to get started, but wow it's a mountain in front of me and I'm not able to figure out the best path to take. In reality, I don't think things will be any easier with a newborn, so I am forcing myself to dive in now. These are receipts that need to be organized (hence the pile) by type and recorded. There will be many more things I have to go find.

Couldn't I just do more algebra or something? Please??

This was last night's supper and way too funny not to share all three pictures. I love homemade pizza night. Everyone is happy. It's a ton of work, but it is so yummy. I made 6 pizzas--2 pepperoni, 2 barbecue chicken, 1 chicken bacon ranch, and 1 cheeseburger (which was as good as that hamburger I inhaled on Saturday, oh my). I didn't think to snap a picture until we were almost done eating. Then I didn't notice what I actually caught on film until tonight when I loaded the pictures onto my may have to click to make them larger:

Mitch is holding out his plate, and Micah has just tossed him a piece of pizza (which is hovering in the air) from the other end of the table:

Mitch caught it! Mercy is a hoot.

Mitch turns to see what I'm doing, Caleb is laughing into his hand. I still am clueless that I just got those pictures. :)

Here is my 35 week belly shot today. It was super cold here today and windchills were in the -35F range, so school was cancelled. Well, for those kids that GO to school. And for Mitch, lucky guy. My kids still enjoyed a day of school from the comfort and warmth of our home. Hahaha.

I love these little pictures from the ovia pregnancy app. When I first got the app, the hand was too tiny to even see. I was a couple months along before the tiniest little speck showed up. It was precious. Amazing to be where I am now!

Edited to add: I found a picture from the app when I was 9 weeks pregnant:

In spite of my pregnancy aches, pains, exhaustion, and the emotional roller coaster that sometimes comes, I have been reminded lately to not look too far ahead. Today is the day to live in and enjoy, even in the midst of pain (like the knife in my back that's causing me to rush so I can go to bed right now). It's easy to want to hurry time on ahead, to wish the weeks away. The reality is that tomorrow may have sufferings that I'm not ready to face. So I will stand in the grace that I am given for today, and live trusting that the waterfall of grace never runs dry. I won't borrow from the future. I'm thankful for the lives around me and the little life inside me. As another day comes to a close, I'm thankful for this day that we spent together, by God's grace. It's pretty amazing. And while I wish for the easier days that I hope lie ahead, I am reminded that even while being 35 weeks pregnant at 38 years old, with 9 other children to care for, is not easy, Christ's grace was sufficient for me today. And for that I am most thankful.

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