Friday, January 16, 2015

36 weeks pregnant

Nice, dirty bathroom mirror! Add that to my to-do list. Nesting has hit me as hard as it possibly can. I still don't feel awesome, but the urge to have everything clean is strong. I wish I physically felt able to keep up with that urge. 

I need to take more pictures of my projects, but here is one I finished this week. I used a special yarn called Cascade Sensations yarn. It was fun to work with. I cast on the hat twice. The first time it was too big. I think it's still too big, but I'm done.  I finished her baby blanket. It's pretty small compared to what I usually make. It will be good for the carseat. I have some leftover yarn that I think I'll try making another hat from that. I will keep knitting and crocheting as long as I'm pregnant. After that things get kind of busy.

Almost there!

On Monday I had an ultrasound (a bio-physical profile, or BPP). It was fun to see the baby. She looked amazing. I literally had tears watching her "practice breathe" on the ultrasound. My fluid level (AFI) was 28.78 cm, which is pretty high. Dr. Spaulding said she would rather see it around 21 cm. The good news is her kidneys looked good, and she passed the BPP with an 8/8 score.  Also I got some info about her orientation. She is head down with her spine to my left and her feet to my right where I have so much pain in my ribs. From what I read, this seems like a good position and I am feeling more hopeful that she will have an anterior presentation, not posterior.

I saw the doctor on Wednesday. Here are my stats:
Weight: 168.4--up 1.8 lbs for a total gain of 43.4
Blood pressure: 126/76 (I had just gone up and down the stairs for lab, lol, that counts as an exercise blood pressure, right?)

I didn't catch the baby's heart rate or my fundal height. She said that she will see how I'm measuring next week and decide if she wants to do another ultrasound. In the meantime, she reminded me to keep close watch on the baby's movements.

She tested me for group B strep (I'm sure I'll get those results next week), checked my cervix (2 cm dilated--normal for me at 36 weeks), and rechecked my hemoglobin (up 12.4--yay! The liquid iron supplement I switched to is good enough). The baby's head is right up against my cervix too. It doesn't feel like she's "low" to me.

The kids had fun tearing rings off our paper chain this week. Here are some of the fun facts that I shared with them from being 35 weeks pregnant:

~When I was pregnant with Eden at 35 weeks I weighed 137 lbs, my blood pressure was 110/64, and my fundal height was only 32 cm. Far cry from 168!!
~Before this pregnancy, my total weight gain over the previous 9 pregnancies was 313 lbs, an average of 35 lbs/pg.
~My weight in college (before pregnancy) hovered around 130 lbs, and my weight before this pregnancy was 125 lbs.
~I have lost over 300 lbs over the past 18 years!

I'm trying to enjoy each day. Physically the pain is still there, and now I have a little bit of insomnia too. Today I made a to-do list and a packing list for my hospital bag (I've already thrown a few things together). I hope that having this to chip away at will help kick the insomnia. I worked more on taxes, got laundry done for few more days, and have menus made for the next two weeks. My shopping list is also ready to go for tomorrow morning. Last thing to do today before I start relaxing is make my library list.  Whoot!

Oh one more thought--we still have no name. I found a cool website: The author of this blog has put together an extensive list of not just people names, but virtues, places, objects, flowers, etc. They included pronunciations, meanings, and their Biblical references. I copied the girl names lists into a word document (2 columns per page) and printed off 25 pages (after reducing the formatting as much as possible) of baby names for us to mull over. :)

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