Wednesday, January 28, 2015

38 Weeks!

This past week has been really fun. The highlight for me was getting to attend a psychology class at the local tech college that a friend of mine is teaching. Her class interviewed me about pregnancy. I had a blast sharing from my experiences and answering their questions.  I commented (and it's true!) that I was so excited about the class that I could have stayed pregnant for another month. Now that the class is over, however, let's get the show on the road!

Here are some pictures and I'm too tired to reorder them into an interesting post. First up are the projects I've worked on.

 Knit blankie and hat. The hat is way to big and will probably fit next winter. The yarn is called Flutterby I think. It's a chenille type yarn and is soooo soft.

 Another hat attempt...trying to get a hat that was small enough. It turned out pretty darn cute and I learned how to knit an i-cord.  I found my patterns on I'm officially in love with that site!

Next a knit hat and crocheted booties. This was another special yarn called Cascades. It is a lightweight cotton with a little bit of elastic in it so it's stretchier. It also turned out bigger than I wanted, but my friend Kristin pointed out that their heads grow very quickly and it will still be cold for a few more months here.  

I had a little more of that first yarn leftover and couldn't resist one more try. This time I crocheted the hat and learned how to do ear flaps. The kids love the hat--they say it looks like the hat the little girl from Despicable Me wears.  I think this one is a winner and will fit right away. If not, it sure does look cute on the doll, and Mercy is more than happy to keep it for her. ;)

 I so enjoyed this afternoon cuddle with Mercy yesterday. The baby kicked her in the head the entire time, though. :) I think Mercy is going to love her new sister. 

My chain is getting so short!! I just can't believe it! Here are some stats from this week:
  • Counting from an estimated date of conception, I have had babies in my tummy for 365 weeks (7 years) now!! That's a lot of weeks of pregnancy, but it's also a tremendous blessing.
  • In the past week, we noted Eden, Zeke, and Josh all arrived when I was 37 weeks and some days pregnant.
  • Spoiler alert: In the next week we will note the arrivals of Caleb, Malachi, and Obi. Tirzah arrived at 39 weeks on the nose. That leaves only Micah and Mercy as the "late-comers" arriving after 39 weeks.

I didn't do a baby poll this time around, but feel free to comment here or on facebook when you think the baby will arrive and how much she will weigh. Here are the stats from my doctor appointment today:

Weight: 166.2 lbs (down 1.6 from last week, total gain at 41.2), and I confess I ate more than half a recipe of mounds candy in the past week. ::shame::
Blood Pressure: 106/73 (I took the elevator when going up to lab, and I arrived a few minutes early so I would have time to "rest" in the waiting room before my appointment, LOL. It paid off!).
Baby's heart rate: 141-144
Other: cervix wasn't a lot different, but she could stretch me to 4 cm, so it's definitely favorable and ready for labor to begin. My fundal height was measuring a little closer to 38 weeks where it should be, but she did feel a large pocket of fluid up at the top. Still she was able to feel the baby and identify the head and the butt ("cute little butt" she said, LOL).

She and I both feel this is going to happen within the next few days. I have things about as ready as I can have them (not as ready as I *want* mind you, but I'm pretty much at my limit). I mopped my floor last night. If that's not nesting, I don't know what is. The mop, which was already on its last leg, broke right as I finished, so that's the end of that. Haha.

I did have a terrible night last night. I had more prodromal (false) labor for hours. I tried all kinds of relaxation techniques to no avail. It was after 3 am before I finally slipped into a doze that lasted for more than 10 min between contractions. At 4 am I heard Mercy crying and coughing with croup. :( Croup scares me, so I got up immediately and took her (Eden had her). We were up until 5. So that said, I'm more than ready for bed tonight. On that note, I'm outta here!

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