Thursday, January 15, 2015

Caleb's Golden Birthday

Caleb turned 14 yesterday on the 14th! We had a fun celebration around our busy evening. Caleb requested General Tso's Chicken for supper (with an extra portion, please) and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Most of the kids had activities at church after supper, so we planned dessert for after church. We had a little fun.

Ok, long back story: Caleb loves his hats. He has one from Kathi that he wears all the time (I need to figure out how I can clean it for him). He has a second one from Eden that he wears on special occasions. I've got Kathi's on and Mitch has Eden's on in the picture above. Back before Christmas, Micah asked me to buy him a winter hat at Menards. I was distracted, and it wasn't on my priority list, and I wasn't sure if he really *needed* a hat (don't we have some at home?), so I didn't buy the hat. Micah would not stop complaining that I didn't buy the hat for $5. Blaze orange Menard's hat. Ok then. I offered to make him a hat. Nope. He wasn't going to have it. Then this past weekend while we were already at Walmart, I said, "Hey, let's pick up some yarn and I'll make you a hat. I promise it will be a good one." He wasn't keen on the idea, but he did pick out some yarn. A few hours later I had made him a hat (record time for me!).

Micah complained. The hat was too short. It wasn't warm enough. It cost too much money for the yarn ($6) compared to the Menard's hat. It took me 8 hours to make (it did not). You get the idea. I think he likes it...

Anyway, Micah continued to complain and tell everyone I should have just bought him the hat from Menards. I spoke with Caleb and then with Mitch about it. I thought it would be hilarious if we went to Menards and bought the hat and gave it to Caleb for his birthday.  You know, a prank on Micah for all his worthless complaining. BUT when Mitch and I got to Menards, we found some really awesome things on clearance. One was this adorable raccoon hat. I am not sure I know the story but it's something about a nickname that Caleb has on the Minecraft server he plays on, but he loves raccoons. The hat was $4 (score!). After snatching Caleb's favorite hats, we had him open the raccoon one. He loved it.

Then we had him open the Menards one. Well, at Menards we couldn't find a blaze orange Menard's hat. There were Menard's hats (for $7, not $5, mind you...more than the cost of the yarn!), and there were orange hats (for $5). We bought one of each. Caleb had a stash going.

We also got CJ a little stuffed raccoon (found at the thrift store for $1)...Mercy nearly had a meltdown wanting that raccoon and we had to trick her to get it away eventually. Even now looking at pictures on the computer while I write, I think she's going to have a heart attack! :)

Somehow we have gotten ourselves into a tradition of buying CJ a "new" t-shirt every year for his birthday. I suppose they are also supposed to be black according to tradition? This was another thrift-store score. Overall CJ had a great birthday and it cost us very little. :) I should note that Micah didn't take the joke very well. He's still pretty peeved at me. Oh well...

At 14, Caleb
~is in 8th grade
~wears approximately a size 30/32 pants and adult medium shirt
~is probably as tall as me (mental note--I need to take a picture)
~does really well in school, especially in Algebra
~loves to play Minecraft (he made "staff" on the server called Oasis...whatever that means???)
~is still the baby whisperer...just a couple days ago I was in the schoolroom with Caleb and Mercy came in. She held her arms out to Caleb and said, "Cay-bub, seep." She was tired and wanted him to put her to sleep. Within 10 minutes she was out. :) Eden said she woke up twice last night in the middle of the night asking for Caleb. Oh my! I asked him if he's going to put the new baby to sleep too, and he insisted that Mercy is his girl.
~prefers things to be organized and orderly
~doesn't like change--he gets the green plate at supper EVERY night
~owns a Kindle Fire and a checking account (whoot!)
~favorite color is green
~is a pretty steady, predictable guy

I may have to come back and add to the list later!

Happy Birthday, Caleb! We love you, buddy!

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