Thursday, February 19, 2015

2 weeks old!

I'm struggling to find time to blog of course, but I have tried to take pictures anyway. I took Genesis to the doctor for a checkup on Tuesday. I was surprised that she "only" weighed 9 lbs 11 oz. She is not back up to her birth weight yet. The doctor wasn't worried, so neither am I. I suppose that she has gained 8 oz in 11 days (her last weight check was at 2 days old and she was 9 lbs 3 oz), so that's probably good enough. She measured 21.5" long. I am skeptical of the thought that she has grown an inch and a half in a mere 13 days. Hmmm...

Genna is doing really well overall. Her cord stump gave me a bit of worry. Part of it fell off on Tuesday morning. There was still a bit of gooey stump left. Her doctor said, "Ah, it will rot and come out." I replied a hearty, "Gross!" And she laughed and said, "It's not gross." :)  Genna is peeing and pooping and relatively happy (but she hates to burp). She seems to have a bit of reflux, so I'll be watching to see if it gets worse. She's an excellent sleeper. She takes naps on her back in her crib like a good girl. She snuggles up with me at night (mostly because I'm often much too tired to stay awake for an entire feeding. A couple nights ago she slept for a 4-hour stretch and followed that up with a 3-hour stretch. Then night before last she was up what felt like a bazillion times comparatively (but was probably more like every 2 hours for a while then every hour closer to morning). And last night she gave me a whopping 5-hour stretch. I was so busy sleeping I wasn't able to consciously enjoy it. Ha!

I can't believe she's only 2 weeks old. Normally I think this time flies by. Now it feels like she has been here with us forever. The kids are complaining a bit that I don't let them hold her more often. Well, all except for Micah. He's being a bit of a trouble maker and refuses to hold her. Oh well, you can try tell him and see if he'll listen to someone besides me: it's his loss!

Here are those pictures.

{This was pretty amazing to catch. Top picture is her ultrasound at 28 weeks. Bottom picture is 4 days old.}

 {4 days old}

 {5 days old}

 {Eden wearing the gown that Genna is wearing below...I think Genna looks more like Eden and Tirzah than like Mercy, especially as the swelling in her face has gotten less and less.}

{1 week old! The blanket she is laying on is one that I made and I thought I would never (seriously, never) finish it.}

 {10 days--Valentine's Day}

 My valentines. :)
{Tirzah and Mercy}

{Zeke and Genna}

{Mercy and Genna}

{Some of the cut-out cookies I made for valentines}

{2 weeks old}

{15 days}

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