Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3 weeks old

Just some pictures quick!

 Genna still has a bit of red in her eye from the burst blood vessel (from her fast delivery).
We have used cloth diapers a few days now. 

 I gave her a bath in the sink yesterday. It was her first bath since coming home. She loved every minute of it! 

She has a really big, bloated belly. The doctor says everything looks normal (just big) and it's air. So I am blaming it on gas and poor muscle tone. It looks insanely large at times.

She was sleeping peacefully so I did a little "photo shoot" in front of the window today. :)

 Big sister Mercy and big brother Obi are not always gentle!

Genna is doing pretty well. Our biggest hurdle at this point is learning to burp. :)

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