Saturday, February 07, 2015

Bringing Genesis home

We had the discharge orders, but it made complete sense to me to wait until after 12 to leave so that they could do all the newborn screenings that can only be done after 24 hours. I also needed to wait for my ride--Mitch couldn't get there until like 1 pm. I also was determined not to leave that hospital without a name to report to the birth registrar!

Mitch finally arrived, much to my relief. The baby passed her hearing screen. The hospital uses a forehead scanner as a jaundice pre-screen before they poke the baby. Hers came back at 1.7. I almost choked. I've never heard a number that low from one of my kids! Good thing, after the whole blood sugar thing, my baby had had her fair share of pokes. Mitch said, "I just got my baby and they keep poking holes in her!" They did have to poke her heel for the metabolic screening. She was a trooper.

The birth registrar came in at 1:30. I was so nervous to commit to a name. We had spent 9 months debating it, and now it must be done! So I told Mitch he had to say it. :)  I'm very silly, I know. Genesis Grace. Mitch said he wants to call her Genna for short, and suddenly it fit.

We got Genna all dressed, got our stuff packed up, and headed for home. I still couldn't believe it was happening so fast. I was excited for the kids at home to meet her, though.

Here you have it in pictures...

Mercy is in love with her baby. She wants to hold her all the time. She watches her intently and inspects her over inch by inch. 
Everyone is super excited about the baby. Only Micah has not held her yet (I'm making sure he is over his illness). 

I went down for a nap while Mitch and Eden were in charge of the baby and getting pictures. :)




I feel I have to mention here that some of my children keep calling the baby "it" instead of "she." Annoys me to no end!!  Hopefully they catch on soon, or at least just start calling her by her name.




Haha! My baby's hand is quite a bit larger than the app said it would be. :)

Eden made a cake for the baby. She asked if we wanted to take a birthday picture. I'm wearing my jammies, but why not? So we sang Happy Birthday for Genna and Mercy blew out the candle.

Eden gave Mitch a hard time about smiling (in the first few pics we took, he wasn't smiling). She got this:

Looks like Obi has been carefully watching his dad: 

So sweet...
{Chi and Mercy}

Friday morning we had to take Genna in to the doctor for a weight/health check. On Thursday at the hospital she was down to 9 lbs 4 oz. At the doctor she was only down another ounce-- 9 lbs 3 oz. She had absolutely no signs of jaundice, so we didn't have to do a blood draw. My milk was already coming in on Friday morning. 

Today she still has no sign of jaundice. I'm simply amazed. She still has a red color to her face, and her face seems to be puffed back up, this time from hormones. She has a little newborn rash all over her body, but it isn't bothering her at all. It should be better in a couple days. There is not much sign of the bruising from birth left, but she does have ruptured blood vessels in her eyes, so those look painfully red.

Her hair is beautiful!

I'm glad that we came home a day early. I slept much better in my own bed than I would in the hospital. The down side was that I had over-estimated how well I felt. Within minutes of walking in the front door I overexerted myself and my body very quickly let me know it. After we got home from the doctor on Friday morning I planted myself on the couch with a book. I took a 2-hour nap in the afternoon, and I went to bed early Friday night. Today I woke up feeling much more like I would expect. And I'm still taking it easy. ;)  

I definitely feel like hibernating for a few weeks. It has been hard for me to extend an invitation for visitors...shoot, it's been hard for me to just call people. I am still trying to adjust. I'm slowly getting back to normal--look, I wrote on my blog!! 

Looking forward to the new life ahead with Genesis Grace.


  1. Yay! Such a pretty little girl. So glad to see her. :)