Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thank you, Mitch!

Mitch is back to work full time today. He officially went back last Thursday, but then he had a 4-day weekend, so today feels like the first "real" day back. From here on out it's full-time until Easter weekend, with even a couple evenings in there for conferences. But he was able to use sick time to take nearly 2 weeks off to be home with us. During his time "off" he did my job. He did laundry (unending), dishes, meals, discipline, math lessons, games, diaper changes, cleaning, errands, grocery shopping, and more. While he was busy I sat and sat and sat, napped, and just stared at my new baby girl. He has been kind and supportive and reassuring. My energy level is slowly returning and I'm finally feeling better than I have in weeks. I'm so thankful he was able to stay home with us, and while I'm going to miss him terribly during the days, I'm also thankful that I've been able to recover and he is able to go back to work. I'm back to work full-time too--laundry yesterday, full week of school planned, doctor appointments, and daycare starting back up as well (it's just one more kid...lol). Back to school already? I need something to keep us busy!

Anyway, I don't often brag on my husband, but this past two weeks he has definitely earned a brag. It has been a beautiful time.

 {FaceTiming with Grandma Karen}

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