Sunday, March 08, 2015

Genna is 4 weeks/1 month old!

I have zero time tonight to blog, but I've been wanting to do this since Wednesday. I will at least try to get some pictures up.

Genna is doing well. She is eating and growing. She sleeps ok at night. She usually starts off with a 3 or 4-hour stretch. When she wakes up she almost always goes back to sleep right away when we start nursing. She has had a really stuffy nose and that bothers her at night (yellow-green snot, requiring a booger sucker...which she hates). Even though she is burping better in the daytime, it's much harder to get her to burp at night, so by about 5 am she is uncomfortable. I think this will just work itself out as she grows and matures.

 I had a little bit of this special yarn left, so I decided to try my hand at making a headband. When Mitch got home from work, I held up the baby and said, "Lookie what I made!" He quickly replied, "I know, I helped." Hahahaha...

 Her first month was literally a short one...only 28 instead of 30 or 31! ;) 
She is so precious.
That burst blood vessel is finally all cleared up!

I was going through some albums looking for a different picture, and I came across pictures of Zeke. For the moment, Genna bears a strong resemblance to nearly all of Zeke's pictures. I know I have seen glimpses of Malachi and Obi and even Josh in her, but I was so surprised to find these of Zeke. If I didn't know they were Zeke, I'd probably get them mixed up!

 Zeke loves holding Genna and he's good at it, too. He was so proud that he put her to sleep. He's taking notes from Caleb. ::grin::

 I put up the swing for the first time since I had Obi. Mercy got the hang of it right need to put in batteries--ha!

 And I figured out a way to get her weighed on my shipping scale. In case you're wondering, I zeroed the shirt she is wearing, so this is her "down to the diaper" weight. She was wiggling around so it had a hard time locking in her weight, but it was an average of 11 lbs 1 oz. Hurray!!

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