Friday, March 20, 2015

Mercy is 2 years old!

This week we celebrated Mercy's 2nd birthday. Poor Mercy has been sick for weeks. Around Monday and Tuesday the last week of February she ran a low-grade fever for a couple days. Obi did too. Then a week later, the first week of March, Tirzah came down with a high fever. I thought it was what Mercy and Obi had, but Mercy soon got a high fever too. They both tested negative for strep and influenza. Mercy and Tirzah ran fevers all week. Eden, Micah, and Obi all caught it. After the fever came a cough. That passed, and on Sunday this week Mercy came down with a fever again. This time she developed croup. On Monday I took her to the doctor and she was given a dose of decadron. That really helped with the cough, but the fever has persisted all week. She has been really crabby and I'm so sad that she felt miserable on her birthday! To top it off I found out that her 2-year-old molars are coming in too.

Here are some pictures and some facts about Mercy...

At 2 years old, Mercy
~weighs about 24 lbs and is 33" tall
~talks quite a bit
~says "nope" and shakes her head up and down (yes) when she means "yes"
~loves to sing and loves to watch shows that have singing
~can name all her siblings (quite a feat!), even baby Genna
~still likes to help me do the laundry (telling me whose clothes are whose)
~names whose towels are whose in the bathroom (really an interesting accomplishment), obviously she's very observant

 ~has some serious bed hair! I've gotten a little more disciplined at helping Mercy and Tirzah do their hair each day.
~is a copycat (see how well she combs Tirzah's hair below)

 ~is sweet when she wants to be
 ~has simply adorable, round cheeks
 ~is a fairly good eater. We made lasagna for her birthday and she cleaned her plate. She also loves to share a bowl of broccoli and cheese with her dad. And of course anything chocolate is good. She loved licking the beater. :)
 ~loves to dress up for church, so we dressed up for her birthday. She is wearing size 24 mos/2T clothing. She wears size 6 shoes. Oh how she loves shoes!!
~read her birthday card to was unintelligible. :)

 ~loves videos of animals. Videos of animals with kids music in the backround is a double score.
~refuses to say "two" or hold up two fingers when I ask her how old she is. She is a bit shy, and I think she knows this is a social question.
 ~is surrounded by crazy siblings who always want to solve her problems (whether she wants them to or not). They love her like crazy.
 ~wouldn't smile for the camera, so we let her open presents instead.

 ~likes to stack blocks. She's pretty good at it!

~found that getting sick is a good way to make sure she still gets lots of cuddles after the new baby was born. Haha!
~loves to play with baby dolls. She dresses them in Genna's clothes and buckles them into Genna's car seat. She hasn't put them in Genna's swing yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.
~loves to dress herself. She just loves clothes in general. She often empties Genna's dresser trying to fit into the tiny clothes.
~is fast. She loves to run away!
 ~officially started potty training today. So far we've made it to the potty twice, peed in underwear/on the floor twice, and peed in a pull-up once. I'm super excited about the successes. It means she's figuring out what muscles control all that "stuff."

Mercy sure is a fun addition to our family! I sure hope she's feeling better soon. Happy Birthday big girl!

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