Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sweet Sixteen!

Well we certainly have a lot of spring chickens around here. It's birthday fever with 4 birthdays in a matter of 6 weeks. How did that happen?

We most recently celebrated a momentous milestone--Eden is 16! The long anticipated birthday brings hopes for a full year ahead. Eden currently has a permit and has been practicing driving all winter long. She hopes to earn her driver's license soon (maybe this summer?). She has been babysitting for years, but is actively looking for her first "real" job. This fall she will join Micah at the technical college for her junior year of high school. This summer she is looking forward to participating in Operation St. Cloud, our youth team's local mission assignment. The days in the meantime can't seem to pass fast enough. She's stretching her wings, ready to fly!

 {Cookie treat from Mrs. E, who does such a sweet thing to bless our family on birthdays!}

 {I bought a pretty bouquet of flowers for Eden}

 Eden had friends over for games and food on Saturday night. Then she and I made her favorite whopper ice cream cake on Sunday.

At 16 Eden
~is taller than I am
~wears almost the same size clothes as me (well, not 7 weeks after having a baby...but I *will* be her size again some day...lol)
~wears a size 9.5-10 shoe/depending on the brand
~favorite color is blue
~favorite subject is math (brownie points!)
~lets Mercy sleep with her every night
~isn't sure what to do with her long, crazy curly hair
~loves to hang out with friends
~favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice
~loves so many books she can't pick a favorite
~favorite bands/music artists are Jonathan Thulin and Owl City
~doesn't know what she would like to do when she grows up
~loves her tall boots
~wishes she had more {modest} dresses to wear (and I now hope to teach her how to sew)
~occasionally acts like a teenager ::grin::

Happy Birthday, Eden! We love you!


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