Monday, April 27, 2015

Tirzah is 6 years old!

Wow!!! The years have flown by all too quickly. I can't believe the little baby girl who brought tears of joy to my eyes is already 6 years old.

 {Tirzah and Cam}

 {Mrs. E with a special birthday treat...Sixlets seem just perfect for a 6-year old, don't they?}

 Tirzah requested a strawberry birthday cake with strawberry frosting for her dessert. When I asked her what she wanted for supper, she said, "Watermelon." Struggling to find words to explain, I pressed her to see what she wanted for a "main dish." She held firm to watermelon, but added strawberries. :) Eventually we settled on watermelon, strawberries, and pizza. 

At 6 years old, Tirzah
~is getting tall and skinny. Thank goodness summer is almost here and she can wear shorts! She will be in size 6 pants next winter. She also loves dresses and mostly wears size 6, but in general she just loves clothes.
~wears a size 12-13 shoe
~loves the color pink
~favorite job to do at home: "sleep."
~is very affectionate
~is learning to read and add, and has good handwriting
~likes to draw and color
~loves to have her nails painted
~can amuse herself for hours, either alone or with a playmate
~likes flowers
~favorite foods (besides watermelon and strawberries) include corn on the cob, waffles, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches
~sleeps in a loft bed over Eden and Mercy's bed
~can put away her own laundry, make her bed, make her own sandwiches, and get her own breakfast

We love you Tirzah Joy! Happy, happy birthday!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Genna at 2 months

Genna was 2 months old last Saturday. I had her in to the doctor for a checkup on Tuesday. She is growing well. She's up to 12 lbs 8 oz. Even though she started out as the largest of my 10, she is now the 3rd smallest at 2 months (larger than Eden and Tirzah only). I was surprised by that little fact. She is approximately 23" long, which makes her the 2nd shortest (Eden was shorter). Crazy!

I'm officially losing my mind. I get Genna and Mercy's names mixed up ALL the time. I just wanted to get that out there because you can't see how many times I have to erase "Mercy" to write "Genna" instead. And if I happen to mess up, you can let me know.

Genna is sleeping pretty well. She usually sleeps 4-5 hours in the first stretch of the night, but she has slept up to 6 hours. Last night she slept from 11 pm until 3:30 am in her bassinet, then from 3:30 to 6:30 in bed with me. The bassinet is the key word in that last sentence. Wow, that felt so nice I might try it again tonight!

Genna has had some nursing issues that I find rather strange. She is exclusively breastfed, and she has never had a bottle. I keep trying to train her to use a pacifier, but she hasn't really taken to it at all. She likes to suck on her hands when they aren't flying wildly out of control.  Most of the time I just offer to nurse her--if she's giving hunger cues or if she is fussy--rather than trying a pacifier. So this nursing "issue" that we are having is hard to describe. At times she arches her back and cries instead of latching and eating. It's not so bad if she does it at one feeding and all I need to do is just wait a little while and try again. But on a couple days she has done it for several feedings in a row, and that gets exhausting fast. I don't want to call it a nursing strike, and I would have a hard time believing it is nipple confusion simply because the timing doesn't match up. I just don't get it. Maybe it will be a distant memory soon.

Anyway, Genna eats about every 2-3 hours. She usually takes at least 2 long naps during the day and other short ones. She spits up only occasionally.

Here are a few pics!

For a picture of Mercy doing the same thing: here

Mercy also wore the same outfit at 2 months. You can see her here:
Genna definitely looks more like Tirzah than Mercy!

Ok, so in summary, at 2 months Genna:
~sleeps 4-5 hours for the first stretch of the night
~wakes up 2-3 times per night
~eats every 2-3 hours
~still has a pretty floppy head, but is getting stronger every day
~lifts her head when she's on her tummy
~social smiles with everyone
~chuckles, coos, and "tells stories"
~wears some 0-3 month clothing still and can fit into some 3-6 mo clothing (it just depends on the brand)
~loves bath time
~loves going for walks in the stroller
~likes to sleep in the baby swing, or in her crib

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Obi is 4 years old!

Obi's birthday fell on Easter this year. That will happen again in 2026, 2037, and 2048, then not again until 2105. If he lives that long, he will be 94 years old! That's kind of hard to imagine, but he did sort of look like an old man when he was born:

It's so funny to look at that picture of Obi. He looks so much different than Genna. And the past 4 years seem to have completely vanished. Slow down!

We had such a crazy busy weekend, Obi's birthday party on Sunday seemed anti-climatic. But it was fun for him, and it was good to pause and remember his birthday. I think in the future I'll be ok with birthdays not falling on Easter. ;) It's also odd to have so many birthdays crammed into 6 weeks. We are eating a lot of cake! But again, what did I expect?

At 4 years old, Obi
~weighs 30-something pounds and is average height
~wears size 4T clothing
~wears size 11 shoes (monster feet)

 ~like so many of his brothers and sisters is strong-willed
~seems to have an extra dose of that
~likes to say things like "I work alone." In other words, he is asserting his independence at 4 years old and insists that he can do everything himself.
~except sleep alone. He still sleeps in our bedroom, on a mattress on the floor. Every. single. night. Ugh. I asked him when he would *feel* ready to sleep in the boys' room, and he pointed to a bookcase that is about 46" tall and said, "when I get this big." By my calculations that will be when he's 6 years old. 24 more loooooong months to go. When we get some remodeling/rearranging done this summer, I think there might be some convincing on my part that he *feels* ready much sooner.
~I'll let you know how that goes. Don't hold your breath.

Ok, moving on and keeping it positive...Obi

 ~loves all the superheroes. Spider Man, Superman, Batman (is he a 'hero'?), etc.
~thinks he's a ninja
~wears his superhero pajamas all day long
 ~loves his brothers and sisters, and plays well with Tirzah and my daycare kids
~enjoys playing with legos, cars, and superhero figurines
~knows how to navigate all sorts of electronic devices
~was crazy scary when he drove Cam's motorized wheelchair. Maybe he won't be getting his driver's license until he can pay for his own car insurance. When he has moved out of the house. And has his own car.
~is hoping that he will be old enough/big enough to go to RAD at church next year (I'm so disappointed to tell him that he's not)
~doesn't seem interested in starting school (why would he be, he gets screen time in the mornings while everyone else is doing school!)
 ~favorite color is red

 {Hmmm...somebody stole a bite of cupcake before we sang!}
~wants to be 5 when he grows up (me too)

 ~no, he wants to be the blue ninja when he grows up (Ninjago)
 ~actually, he wants to be the red ninja now
 ~got a new pair of shoes for his birthday--and just in time. His other shoes started breaking earlier in the day while he was playing outside. ;) He also got a new spider man memory game and
 Spider Man clothes that are not
He is currently on day 3 of wearing them this week. I did manage to wash them once. Hehe.

Happy Birthday, Obi!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A special visit and Easter

I've got a few blog posts coming at you as soon as I get time. First up, we had a very special visitor from Canada for Easter. Cam came to see us! He drove down with two attendants on Thursday, arriving at Mitch's school first in the afternoon to do a presentation. We met him there at the end of the day for some floor hockey. Cam brought a spare wheelchair and everyone had a blast taking it for a spin! Afterward they got checked into our local Holiday Inn. After a short break, they came up to our house for supper. I was SO excited for this. The last time Cam came to our town he couldn't come inside. This time his attendant carried him inside (his wheelchair is too heavy to bring up the stairs).

 Mitch, Mercy, and Cam
 Obi was feeling a little shy, but started to warm up
 Cam brought presents--chocolate bunnies!
 Tara and Wes were so seriously awesome with our kids!

The Holiday Inn was a great choice for hanging out. The kids played a ton and there was plenty of space for us all. There were 3 pools and 2 hot tubs/whirlpools, plus ping pong and a playground.

 Mercy, Zeke, and Tirzah. Mercy LOVED swimming. She also loved Cam. :)

 Tara, Eden, Caleb, and Malachi

 Tables in the spacious lobby provided great space for us to play games while the kids ran around. I brought over chicken wild rice soup in a crock pot. Yum.

 Later Mercy enjoyed her first ever chocolate bunny. So fun!

 Patrick's family sent a care package from Germany. They included some really neat egg dye that you just rub on the eggs. Malachi, Mercy, and Zeke helped me color some hard-boiled eggs.

They turned out so unique and pretty! 

 Wes and Obi. So silly!

We had Cam up a second time on Saturday night. We strapped him in a little better to the rocking chair. Micah posted a funny video of Cam actually rocking in the chair.

 After we put the kids to bed, Mitch and I got to go back to the hotel with Cam for some "alone" time with him. Genna went too but she slept the entire time (awesome baby!). It was so fun to spend that time with Cam. He shared pictures and more of his story. It was great that I could focus on what he was saying (he talks quietly) and not be interrupted by kids. Parts of his story are heart-wrenching, and I admire him even more. I so appreciate his openness with us. I hope he can always continue beat Mitch and Micah at AoE (Ages of Empires).

 Resurrection Sunday we met at church for worship. 
(Yes, Tirzah is pouting.)

 Josh, Cam, and Zeke
 Obi, Cam, and Chi

 Micah and Cam

 Caleb, Cam, and Eden

 Cam and Tirzah

 Cam and Mitch

My girls all dressed up! (It was way too chaotic to try to get more than this.)
Steph and Cam

And one last pic of Mercy, out of order because I'm too tired to try to wrangle blogger into putting it in the right spot. I'm definitely too tired to do the html. :)