Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A special visit and Easter

I've got a few blog posts coming at you as soon as I get time. First up, we had a very special visitor from Canada for Easter. Cam came to see us! He drove down with two attendants on Thursday, arriving at Mitch's school first in the afternoon to do a presentation. We met him there at the end of the day for some floor hockey. Cam brought a spare wheelchair and everyone had a blast taking it for a spin! Afterward they got checked into our local Holiday Inn. After a short break, they came up to our house for supper. I was SO excited for this. The last time Cam came to our town he couldn't come inside. This time his attendant carried him inside (his wheelchair is too heavy to bring up the stairs).

 Mitch, Mercy, and Cam
 Obi was feeling a little shy, but started to warm up
 Cam brought presents--chocolate bunnies!
 Tara and Wes were so seriously awesome with our kids!

The Holiday Inn was a great choice for hanging out. The kids played a ton and there was plenty of space for us all. There were 3 pools and 2 hot tubs/whirlpools, plus ping pong and a playground.

 Mercy, Zeke, and Tirzah. Mercy LOVED swimming. She also loved Cam. :)

 Tara, Eden, Caleb, and Malachi

 Tables in the spacious lobby provided great space for us to play games while the kids ran around. I brought over chicken wild rice soup in a crock pot. Yum.

 Later Mercy enjoyed her first ever chocolate bunny. So fun!

 Patrick's family sent a care package from Germany. They included some really neat egg dye that you just rub on the eggs. Malachi, Mercy, and Zeke helped me color some hard-boiled eggs.

They turned out so unique and pretty! 

 Wes and Obi. So silly!

We had Cam up a second time on Saturday night. We strapped him in a little better to the rocking chair. Micah posted a funny video of Cam actually rocking in the chair.

 After we put the kids to bed, Mitch and I got to go back to the hotel with Cam for some "alone" time with him. Genna went too but she slept the entire time (awesome baby!). It was so fun to spend that time with Cam. He shared pictures and more of his story. It was great that I could focus on what he was saying (he talks quietly) and not be interrupted by kids. Parts of his story are heart-wrenching, and I admire him even more. I so appreciate his openness with us. I hope he can always continue beat Mitch and Micah at AoE (Ages of Empires).

 Resurrection Sunday we met at church for worship. 
(Yes, Tirzah is pouting.)

 Josh, Cam, and Zeke
 Obi, Cam, and Chi

 Micah and Cam

 Caleb, Cam, and Eden

 Cam and Tirzah

 Cam and Mitch

My girls all dressed up! (It was way too chaotic to try to get more than this.)
Steph and Cam

And one last pic of Mercy, out of order because I'm too tired to try to wrangle blogger into putting it in the right spot. I'm definitely too tired to do the html. :)

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