Thursday, April 09, 2015

Obi is 4 years old!

Obi's birthday fell on Easter this year. That will happen again in 2026, 2037, and 2048, then not again until 2105. If he lives that long, he will be 94 years old! That's kind of hard to imagine, but he did sort of look like an old man when he was born:

It's so funny to look at that picture of Obi. He looks so much different than Genna. And the past 4 years seem to have completely vanished. Slow down!

We had such a crazy busy weekend, Obi's birthday party on Sunday seemed anti-climatic. But it was fun for him, and it was good to pause and remember his birthday. I think in the future I'll be ok with birthdays not falling on Easter. ;) It's also odd to have so many birthdays crammed into 6 weeks. We are eating a lot of cake! But again, what did I expect?

At 4 years old, Obi
~weighs 30-something pounds and is average height
~wears size 4T clothing
~wears size 11 shoes (monster feet)

 ~like so many of his brothers and sisters is strong-willed
~seems to have an extra dose of that
~likes to say things like "I work alone." In other words, he is asserting his independence at 4 years old and insists that he can do everything himself.
~except sleep alone. He still sleeps in our bedroom, on a mattress on the floor. Every. single. night. Ugh. I asked him when he would *feel* ready to sleep in the boys' room, and he pointed to a bookcase that is about 46" tall and said, "when I get this big." By my calculations that will be when he's 6 years old. 24 more loooooong months to go. When we get some remodeling/rearranging done this summer, I think there might be some convincing on my part that he *feels* ready much sooner.
~I'll let you know how that goes. Don't hold your breath.

Ok, moving on and keeping it positive...Obi

 ~loves all the superheroes. Spider Man, Superman, Batman (is he a 'hero'?), etc.
~thinks he's a ninja
~wears his superhero pajamas all day long
 ~loves his brothers and sisters, and plays well with Tirzah and my daycare kids
~enjoys playing with legos, cars, and superhero figurines
~knows how to navigate all sorts of electronic devices
~was crazy scary when he drove Cam's motorized wheelchair. Maybe he won't be getting his driver's license until he can pay for his own car insurance. When he has moved out of the house. And has his own car.
~is hoping that he will be old enough/big enough to go to RAD at church next year (I'm so disappointed to tell him that he's not)
~doesn't seem interested in starting school (why would he be, he gets screen time in the mornings while everyone else is doing school!)
 ~favorite color is red

 {Hmmm...somebody stole a bite of cupcake before we sang!}
~wants to be 5 when he grows up (me too)

 ~no, he wants to be the blue ninja when he grows up (Ninjago)
 ~actually, he wants to be the red ninja now
 ~got a new pair of shoes for his birthday--and just in time. His other shoes started breaking earlier in the day while he was playing outside. ;) He also got a new spider man memory game and
 Spider Man clothes that are not
He is currently on day 3 of wearing them this week. I did manage to wash them once. Hehe.

Happy Birthday, Obi!

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