Monday, April 27, 2015

Tirzah is 6 years old!

Wow!!! The years have flown by all too quickly. I can't believe the little baby girl who brought tears of joy to my eyes is already 6 years old.

 {Tirzah and Cam}

 {Mrs. E with a special birthday treat...Sixlets seem just perfect for a 6-year old, don't they?}

 Tirzah requested a strawberry birthday cake with strawberry frosting for her dessert. When I asked her what she wanted for supper, she said, "Watermelon." Struggling to find words to explain, I pressed her to see what she wanted for a "main dish." She held firm to watermelon, but added strawberries. :) Eventually we settled on watermelon, strawberries, and pizza. 

At 6 years old, Tirzah
~is getting tall and skinny. Thank goodness summer is almost here and she can wear shorts! She will be in size 6 pants next winter. She also loves dresses and mostly wears size 6, but in general she just loves clothes.
~wears a size 12-13 shoe
~loves the color pink
~favorite job to do at home: "sleep."
~is very affectionate
~is learning to read and add, and has good handwriting
~likes to draw and color
~loves to have her nails painted
~can amuse herself for hours, either alone or with a playmate
~likes flowers
~favorite foods (besides watermelon and strawberries) include corn on the cob, waffles, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches
~sleeps in a loft bed over Eden and Mercy's bed
~can put away her own laundry, make her bed, make her own sandwiches, and get her own breakfast

We love you Tirzah Joy! Happy, happy birthday!!

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  1. I started reading your blog before she was born! Six! Happy Birthday.