Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Genna at 3 months

Genna is 3 months old now!

At 3 months, Genna...
~weighs about 14 lbs
~wears size 3-6 mo clothing
~wears size 2 disposable diapers (I just can't keep up with cloth right now)

~looks a bit more like Mercy with her cheeks all squished up here :)
~sleeps 5-6 hours in the first stretch of the night in her own bed, and will sleep another good stretch if I stay awake and put her back in there after feeding
~takes a few naps each day, usually at least one really long one, and usually in a crib (but Caleb does enjoy holding her every now and then)

Genna also
~loves to coo and "talk" to us
~is holding her head up and has much better control over movements
~follows me with her eyes and turns her head to see me when she hears my voice
~seems to be able to see us from a good distance away
~is very social and gives out plenty of social smiles, even to strangers
(barely squeezes into this dress, because it's a 0-3 months, but the weather hasn't been warm enough and I had to put it on her at least once for pictures)
~loves to suck on her fingers and soothe herself, but hasn't really figured out where her thumb is yet
~started drooling, right on time developmentally
~occasionally spits up
{Smiling at Eden}

~has reddish-brown hair that is starting to fall out/thin a little in the back

The past month has had some definite ups, but we've also suffered some downs. Genna has been having occasional random difficulties with nursing. I wrote about it a little last month, when it was just beginning. Like I said then, it is hard to describe even after weeks of brainstorming and researching. At times when I think she is either hungry or would be soothed by nursing, she sometimes refuses the breast. Sometimes it is simply a matter of location--she will refuse if I'm sitting on a chair or on the couch, but will eat if we go lay down in the bed. Other days she has refused to eat for hours, regardless of what I've tried. I haven't made any solid connections, but I think rather it is a combination of factors. Reflux is possibly one of the causes, but I also suspect tummy issues caused by viruses. Poor Mercy has had five or six fevers in the past 3 months since Genna was born, so I know that those are certainly in the air. I also think Genna just has her own little personality. She is trying it out. :) She doesn't necessarily want to soothe by comfort nursing. I'm confident she's gaining weight well, so I am trying not to fret. When I look at the clock and see that it's been 4+ hours since her last meal, she's crying, and she's also refusing to eat, that's when I start to get stressed. I'm taking it one day at a time. Today has been stellar--we laid down once to nurse when she was upset (not hungry). All the other times she has nursed like it was her favorite thing in the world to do. Yay!

The latest virus to sweep through our house left Eden, Caleb, Malachi, Tirzah, Obadiah, and Mercy all with hoarse voices. All but Caleb had nasty barking coughs and high fevers. Ugh...croup. Saturday afternoon Genna came down with a cough. At first it wasn't much but I did notice that she was blowing spit bubbles while she was sleeping (therefore she wasn't swallowing well). When she woke up Sunday morning I was scared she was drowning--the dried saliva, the mucous collecting in the back of her throat, and the sharp cough was all too much. Croup is scary stuff! We stood inside the shower for about 20 min and she finally got a handle on breathing. Later in the afternoon she took a long nap and woke up again even worse than before. This time she took longer to calm down and she was breathing with stridor even when calm. I took her to the ER and she got a breathing treatment and a shot of Decadron (I call this the miracle drug for croup). That did the trick! She still has a cough but no more scary drowning episodes and the sharp barking sound is gone. She also has not gotten a fever--whew! Oh, and at the ER she weighed 14 lbs 4 oz with her clothes on. So that's why I say she weighs "about" 14 lbs.

What a sweet little honey she is! I simply love this age of social smiling and being interested in the world around her.

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  1. She's growing like a little weed! She certainly seems like a pleasant little one!

    Sorry everyone had the yuckies. It's so awful when it runs through the family, and with a baby it just gets scary. Sounds like you all had the very same thing we had about a month and a half ago. Joel had croup too and was on steroids for five days. The cough nearly scared me senseless; he'd have that whooping sound every now and then, but the doctor said it wasn't whooping cough. I was sure convinced though!