Monday, May 11, 2015


I love to sew. I guess you probably knew that if you've been reading my blog for any length of time.

I learned to sew when I was in 8th grade. I took high school home economics with one of the best teachers ever known. When it came to sewing, I feel that mostly my mom (Janet) taught me. I was permitted to work on my project at home. I was so proud!

I haven't really made much of an attempt to teach my children to sew. I have sewing friends on facebook who have put me to shame with the projects that their *small* children are able to complete. ;). Hey--just challenging and encouraging each other, right? I did help Eden sew a pillow a couple years ago. But a pillow is, well, a pillow. It's just not that hard. Recently Eden expressed a desire to learn to sew clothing. Finally I decided we should get on that. Over the past few (three?) weeks, we squeezed out time in the afternoons and evenings to work on this project. We are both pleased with the results!

 Eden did most of the work. I was there to explain and demonstrate each step as necessary. A lot of the time I helped her pin the fabric together and I used scrap fabric to show her what she should do, but usually I just carefully explained the next step and she got on it. I spent a lot of my time just holding the baby while looking over her shoulder.

I ended up learning a few things, too. For example, I've never needed to sew boning into a dress before. I've never basted a dress together, fit it, then taken it apart to sew to fit (that part didn't go so well for us, LOL. Now that the dress is done, I think we could do this step better.). When we got to the zipper we ran into a little more trouble. I realized I had bought an invisible zipper. That's not a bad thing with this dress, but I personally had never installed an invisible zipper before. What in the world is all this business about a special foot? The feet for my machine are not universal and they are very expensive. I suppose there is a cheaper attachment that will work, but I wasn't going to put the project on hold while we tried to find a foot. In the end, I did the zipper and made it work. It's not as "invisible" as it should be. I'm sure we can find a different project where Eden can get some practice installing a zipper. Hemming the lace around the neck and arm openings was a huge pain. Ever tried to iron a hem into lace? I'm not so good at ironing hems in the first place...and this was a tiny rolled hem. It turns out that I do have a special foot that will roll the hem for us. I didn't find that one until I went looking for an invisible zipper foot in my stash. It sure made hemming up the bottom of the dress easy (Eden did all of that by herself).

I think our little home economics class has been a success. Not only can Eden sew on a button or sew a pillow, she can sew a whole dress. :) Yeah, she had help, but she can take credit since she did most of the work. I already have ideas for future projects. I'm sure she will quickly gain independence with her projects. Sewing is not all she can do. She can plan and cook meals, budget, write checks, babysit, change diapers and so on. She gets an A+ for this class.

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