Monday, June 08, 2015

Genna is 4 months old!

At 4 months, Genna...

~weighs about 15 lbs 10 oz. Little fatty. Look at her--she thinks it's funny! :)

~is losing some of her baby hair, and doesn't seem to be growing any new stuff

~just loves to giggle and giggle and smile and "talk" to people
~still gets startled easy and doesn't like that (usually)
~is starting to like the game "peek-a-boo"

~FOUND HER THUMB!!! Of course the downside is that she can't really control it, and it often flies away from her at the worst time. This makes her SO MAD. Like MADDER than MAD.
~does not want a pacifier, but oh how I try!

~has really back-slid in the sleep department. We have had a rough past couple weeks here. One night she was up literally every hour. I'd say that most nights she is getting up every two hours. Often she wakes up after I try to put her in her own bed. Even more often I'm too tired to care...but it is not nice sleeping with her.
~daytime naps are not much better. She will usually take one long 2-hour nap, but may only take two other very short (30 min) naps.
~is really too big for the small bassinet that is beside my bed. Summer is here. Time to solve this!

~has fallen asleep twice on the floor while soothing herself by sucking on fingers/thumb. It was pure magic both times.

~looks so awesome in this shirt my friend Heidi sent me. <3 p="">
~seems to have more control over getting her fingers into her mouth if she's grasping something

~looks most like Tirzah, but looks a little like Eden (below) too.

~can roll from tummy to back, and can almost roll to her tummy again
~spits up a lot now. :(
~but I am SO SO happy that she is nursing good finally

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