Thursday, June 04, 2015

Malachi is 8!

Malachi is 8 and 8 is so great!

At 8 years old, Malachi

~wears a size 8 shirt and a size 7 pants
~just finished 2nd grade
~enjoys riding a bike

~reads well and is good at spelling
~is finishing Math-U-See Beta
~has good handwriting, but doesn't enjoy writing

~helps make supper
~is a super-picky eater. He is the pickiest kid I have ever met!! He likes even fewer things than he did last year.
~asked for Little Caesar's Pizza for his birthday dinner, which we spontaneously had at the park after ultimate frisbee :)
~asked for "that cake that Eden always has" for his birthday (Whopper Ice Cream Cake)
~still has a killer smile and smiles all the time

~has a sweet heart for his siblings
~sleeps/shares a room with Zeke and Josh
~likes super heroes, nerf guns, water, screen time
~just an all-around BOY!

~has lost 8 teeth
~says he wants to be a dentist when he grows up (that might be good...I need one of my kids to be a dentist!)
~when asked which super hero he would like to be, he said "Spider Man."
~when asked if he could go anywhere in the world to visit where would he go, he said, "Cam's house [in Canada]"
~when asked if he could go back in time to anywhere what time would he like to see, he said "Back in time to when Patrick and Kathi came." (Awwwww...melt momma's heart!)

~got a nerf gun and a bug catcher for his birthday, and is still in need of some new shoes. Shopping trip is up next!
Malachi had another special treat for his birthday--this year his Aunt Hope is here with her family visiting us!!

We love you Malachi! I can't believe it has been 8 years already.

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