Friday, June 19, 2015

Returning to Ukraine

Seven years ago Mitch traveled to Ukraine with a team of people from our church here in central Minnesota to visit our "sister church" in Horol, Ukraine. He fell in love with the people there--the pastor, his family, church members, and the translators. He has wanted to go back every year since. This year the opportunity really opened up for him, and he jumped at it. He asked Micah if he wanted to go, and one of Micah's best friends is also going along. The church in Horol is excited to have the "young" people visiting. The team of five will be gone for a couple weeks in July. Micah will be in Europe for his 18th birthday!

Please pray for the team as they raise funds to not only cover travel expenses, but funds to support the work of the church in the community of Horol. Pray for them as they make final preparations. Also pray for mercies in traveling, and that reuniting with our brothers and sisters in Christ will glorify God and be an encouragement to all.

Here are some pictures from seven years ago...I added a "Ukraine" tag (see the Labels section on the right-hand side of the screen, or click on Ukraine at the bottom of this post) if you want to go back and read what they did.

{Fun times in translation!}

{Look at that small family! My big kids--Micah, Eden, and Caleb--are babies!}

In the past, the Horol team has usually had a layover in Amsterdam for the day. Kathi has gotten to travel out to spend the day with them! This year I suggested they stop in Frankfurt. How awesome would that be?!? Alas, it was not meant to be. They are having a brief layover in Paris. I have had several dreams now that I went with Mitch to Ukraine and that I have just "showed up" in Germany. LOL. I can't wait for my turn to visit Europe, obviously!

At the top of my to-do list: get a new family photo before they leave!

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