Thursday, July 09, 2015

Genna at 5 months!

Genna was 5 months old on the 4th of July! We celebrated the 4th by going to watch fireworks on the 3rd. We went to a parade on Saturday morning, then we had the Emersons over for lunch. It was fun as always, but different this year with my big kids working. Genna didn't seem to mind the loud booms of the fireworks. She watched them the entire time.

Genna is so chubby and cute! Her round bottom gives her a wide base for sitting. I was surprised when I sat her in the grass yesterday and she sat up on her own. I picked her up and went to get my camera, and she sat up again for me. :)

According to my scale at home (the crazy set up that I have to do to get a measurement), she weighs over 17 lbs. Hehe. At her 4 month checkup 3 weeks ago she weighed 15 lbs 15 oz, so I would say that 17 lbs and some change is close to accurate.

Genna can roll both ways, but she doesn't roll from back to front very often. I have found her rolled off her blanket several times now. She loves to play with toys she can put in her mouth. She would rather be held than to be anywhere else. She stands on our laps and jumps. She loves to make eye contact with people and is very social. She smiles and laughs and "talks back" when people talk to her.

Her brothers (Zeke, Josh, Malachi, and Obi) adore her, but they aren't always gentle enough. Mercy likes her but I see a bit more jealousy. ;) Caleb is good at getting her to sleep when I can't.

Speaking of sleeping, it's going horribly. She's waking up frequently at night, as often as every hour. :( I'm pretty much in a sleep-deprived coma today after three rough nights. Just keeping it real!

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