Wednesday, July 01, 2015

This is the blog that does not end...

Just a few more pictures...

 Micah's new wheels! He learned to drive a stick shift/manual...then he taught his best friend! In other news, Eden got her driver's license last month too. Yay for more drivers! Boo for higher car insurance. 

 One day Josh took a walk around our neighborhood and came back with these beautiful flowers. Upon questioning him, I learned that he "found them growing by the pond." And upon further questioning, we learned the truth that he had found them in someone's garden. So he took $3 of his allowance money and went with his dad to the house where he took the flowers. It turns out that a  retired couple lived in the home, and they were very kind to Josh. They refused to accept his money, but did accept his apology and instructed him to ask anytime if he would like flowers for his momma. It was a super lesson learned and an encouragement to me as well. Because as a tired mom, sometimes I just don't want to do the right thing, the hard thing, and be a parent. I could have overlooked his lie. I could have just handed out a punishment. Mitch could have refused to take him to the owners for a confession. Josh could have refused to tell the truth. But the beautiful reality here is that God's grace overflowed to all of us--to Josh, to me, to Mitch, and to the owners. I left the flowers on my counter. At first it was just a reminder that Josh made a wrong choice and "stole" from a neighbor. But now it is a better reminder of how God redeems for His own glory. Oh how sweet that pink flower smelled too--it smelled like punch! It was glorious.

I think I've seen something like this somewhere before...
Thankfully it ended well, without so much mud!

Both Zeke and Josh learned how to use the lawn mower!

Mercy is in training. :)

Mercy and Genna were both wearing dresses that were Eden's, so I wanted a picture...
Then Tirzah came upstairs also wearing one of Eden's dresses, so I had to get a picture of all three. Unfortunately, Genna grabbed Mercy's dress, causing quite the uproar...
Big sister to the rescue!

Obi adores his sisters!

{Mercy with a blueberry smoothie mustache}

{and corn on the cob!}

::baby love::

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