Saturday, July 11, 2015

Updates from Ukraine

Mitch and Micah joined with three other team members from our church this past Wednesday and traveled to Horol, Ukraine. We are thankful they had safe travels all the way from here to there.

They have had wi-fi access for all of their trip so far, so it has been easy to receive updates. Micah has posted a few videos on his facebook page, and for the most part they are fun and even humorous. I have loved this.

Each team member took 2 suitcases packed with supplies for Vacation Bible School as well as gifts for friends and church members. They packed all their personal belongings into carry-ons. Unfortunately, they were separated from all 10 suitcases.

Today is Micah's 18th birthday. Our friends in Horol planned a special birthday surprise for Micah and I am oh so grateful! With the wonder of technology, this is what I woke up to:

Here are some pictures Mitch sent too:

 Ukraine is 8 hours ahead of us, so just before midnight there, it was only almost 4 pm here. I was chatting with Mitch using WhatsApp and he sent the above picture captioned, "Last picture as an 17-year-old."

A few minutes later he sent the below picture and said, "Does he look any different as an adult? He is 18 now." ^^


 Practicing the birthday song before waking Micah up (in the video above)

He sent me a few pictures of the beautiful countryside.

Today Micah posted quite the grown-up video update, complete with prayer requests.

Posted by Micah Theis on Saturday, July 11, 2015

I would add Barb's prayer request that they would be reunited with their luggage by Monday (the first day of VBS).

On the home front I'm beat up with a cold. I knew that I would be tired because Obi, Mercy, and Genna all wake up at night. I just didn't expect to be tired AND sick. I was able to get to the store today and restock my medicine cabinet. Whew!

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