Saturday, August 08, 2015

Bunk Beds

Well, where do I start? Before the summer began, I made a list of projects I wanted to accomplish during the break from school. Mitch added to the list and we began to chip away at the easy ones. One of my big wishes was to transform our lower-level family room into a useable space. Last summer we had emptied our garage attic so that our roof, which was leaking, could be replaced. Many of our storage tubs came down into the family room area. By May, the room looked like this:

Mitch built shelves out in the garage and I sorted clothing, and eventually we got it looking like this:

Since our carpeting was also removed last year, we hadn't taken up the tack strips. We were still trying to decide if we wanted carpet again. Carpet is warmer and softer, but with Zeke having asthma and both Zeke and Josh having allergies, carpet is also a nightmare. So it was finally decided: up come the tack strips.

And then we had to pause. Mitch was headed to Ukraine. We weren't decided on flooring yet. While Mitch was gone, Obi, who has slept in our room since he was born, whined about not having his own big bed (he was sleeping on a toddler bed). He said when he gets bigger like Micah he is going to buy his own big bed. Ha! So I sat down on pinterest and researched bunk bed ideas to put four boys in cramped space. Cramped space is about all we have around here anymore. ;)

Mitch came home and I shared my pin board with him. I am not sure that he was planning on spending the rest of his summer on this particular project, but whatever projects he had in mind he pushed to the side to accommodate this one. A couple days later my mom Janet arrived and she graciously jumped right in to our mess and helped us. We examined every room in the house and considered our options. The final decision was made: our lower level family room would become a "bedroom," we would paint the floor, and we settled on a design for the bunk beds that would give each boy some privacy.

First, the room needed to be emptied. We found a good home for our treadmill. The thing is a beast! It had to be disassembled. We took a trailer-load full of stuff to the local thrift store, too.

Next we used concrete filler to fill all the holes from the tack strips. Those tack strips are so nasty. Carpet? Never again. Mitch did a little test and only filled some of the cracks in the basement floor. The ones he filled turned out really nice. Lesson learned: fill the cracks.

 After that had dried, we sanded the glue from the carpet and sanded the filler down smooth. Only it didn't really "sand" all that well. We just did our best.

 Empty, clean, sweep...

Mom and I mopped and "etched" the floor to prepare it for painting. Coincidentally, this is the only picture I got of us together during her visit! LOL It was probably the hottest day of summer in Minnesota. I was miserably hot.

 Mom and Mitch did the painting. It was nearing evening time. We took the screens out of our bedroom windows so that we could go to bed through the windows. That was interesting!

 We used a garage floor paint.

I taped over doors and the stairs to remind kids not to go downstairs or on the wet floor. At some point Obi slipped away from us and went through our bedroom window. He ran across the wet paint and came upstairs. He said, "Mom, the floor is not wet, the paint is wet!" Ohhhhhh!!!

The paint was dry the next morning and we were all excited to view the results. It looks so good! It probably could use one more coat on top of it, but we decided to just be done. The paint dried shiny, and Obi's footprints are clearly visible, mapping out a path from our bedroom in the back to the stairs in the front. It is funny.

 And of course some paint on the carpet. (Getting rid of the carpet on our stairs is a future pinterest project for us.)

At this point, it was time for Mom to go home. :( We sure do miss her! She was an amazing help. We began the next stage of building. Since we were not following a pattern, Mitch framed in the bunk beds inside, then disassembled them and took them outside to sand and paint. At this point I got the brilliant idea to do a timelapse video. I had no idea how to do one, and it's not like we could just put the project on hold while I figured it out. So I looked up a "how to" and quickly set up my camera. It's a learn-as-you-go project!

Be sure to watch for the "blue moon" (second full moon in July).

We still have a ways to go to finish our project, but it sure is looking good! I have worked harder on this project than I ever imagined. It has been stressful, but it's coming together nicely.

This weekend Mitch remodeled the closet in the family room where we previously stored food to now store the boys' clothes. It's impressive that we have all four boys' clothing in one closet. ;) We did some rearranging upstairs for the food to now occupy a different closet. We will remodel the boys' old room and Eden will move into that one. She may have to share the room with Mercy for a while. That's to be determined. In the future I think that Tirzah, Mercy, and Genna will all share a bedroom. But that might be thinking too far ahead. We added lamps to the boys' beds, and will add curtains to divide each bed and cover the openings, so that each boy can shut off his own space. The upper bunks will get guard rails. Mitch will build shelves in each bunk area and is going to build under-bed drawers as well. We still need to purchase another twin mattress (right now Obi is using his crib-sized mattress with pillows piled around it). I hope that each boy will personalize his space. In a few months we will add a space heater to warm the space a bit. Also I have my eyes out for an area rug that has a rubber back (so as to not scratch the floor).

Through this whole project we have been rearranging spaces, cleaning, and purging. It feels so good to get things organized and to use our space more efficiently.

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  1. It’s cool that you have been pretty thorough in cleaning up that room. You have even gotten the whole family to do it. Yeah, I think you will have to give the carpeting a bit of thought. But as long as you consistently keep the place fresh and hygienic, there should be no problem either way. The dust is only a problem when it settles and accumulates for far too long. Good day!

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply