Friday, August 07, 2015

Half a Year Old!

I can't believe it has been 6 months already!

Big news this month, Genna
~ is up to about 18.5 lbs.
~has started eating some solid foods. We have tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, applesauce, and bananas. She seems to like everything she tries, but sometimes she just can't get her tongue going in the right direction to keep the food in. 

 ~is getting mobile! She rolls around everywhere,
~turns her body,
 ~stretches to get toys that are out of reach,
 ~and uses her feet to push forward slightly.
 ~got a big girl crib! This is HUGE people! I haven't had a crib since all cribs were recalled a few years ago. (We used a pack-n-play for kiddos since then, and mostly they just slept in my bed. Co-sleeping just hasn't been working good for me anymore.) As part of our big project, I rearranged furniture in our bedroom. Now when she wakes up at night I actually have to get out of bed to reach her. By that time I have enough presence of mind to sit in the rocking chair and nurse her instead of laying back down in bed. As a result, I put her back in her bed to sleep, meaning a more restful sleep for me as well! So far she is only sleeping about 3 hours at a time, but occasionally she sleeps 4 hours. I'm longing for more sleep. Today started at 5:30 am. Oye. She loves her crib, though. I love our little corner nursery. I'm thrilled every time I walk in the room.

I need to get more good pictures, and will work on that this week I think. In the meantime, Genna also
~is sitting up on her own for several minutes at a time
~loves to "jump" on our laps
~coos and tries to interact with her siblings
~gets so excited when the other kids are around
~naps 3 times per day
~wears mostly 6-9 mo clothing and size 3 disposable diapers

And I think she's ready for a nap right now...I am pretty sure I wanted to write more, but my brain isn't working. :)

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