Monday, August 03, 2015

Just a Little Update

I can't believe it's August already. Just thinking about how many things I still want to get done this summer makes me start to feel anxious. I hope this morning to post a little update about what we've been up to.

Mitch and Micah had a fantastic trip to Ukraine. Mitch frequently sent me pictures and updates using wi-fi and the WhatsApp. He called me on the same app almost every day. One day we did a video call using Google Hangouts. Once he returned home I tried to sync his phone with the computer and get the images off, but it's not working. It worked just fine before he left. I think I got frustrated and gave up...and then I haven't blogged since. LOL. I am currently connecting my own phone to the computer and will publish a blog post with what I've got.

Eden was gone for 10 days also. She drove out to Seattle with Hope's family, then flew home. She had a super fun time. Overall I was mostly relaxed about the trip, but I don't think a mother can ever stop worrying 100%. She was in good hands. Just before she came home Hope played a little prank on me.

I was surprised at first, and not sure what to think. Hope always asks me permission for every single little thing, and they didn't ask about this! I kept saying, "I would have said yes, but she should have asked first!" I even talked to Mitch about it when he called from Ukraine. Mitch questioned if it was just a joke, but I insisted that it couldn't be anything other than it appeared. Mama Bear was raring up... When Eden finally got home a couple days later she had a good laugh and showed me the earring was just magnetic. Too would have been cute! Good prank. :) Does Mitch know his sister or what?

I was sick while Mitch was gone and that made things harder. I'm just glad that's over now. While they were gone I worked on a project for Micah's birthday. I put together an album for him with pictures spanning the years from when he was 1 year old until now. I used a Creative Memories album that you simply slide pictures into. The positive side to this was it was really fast to put together. The negative side was that the pictures had to be oriented a specific way and I could only put in so many pictures because the album is not expandable. I paced myself so that each 2-page spread was a year of school, and at the end there is room for pictures from the year that is coming up (his senior year). I had so much fun going through pictures and trying to find the best ones to tell his story. I journaled notes on cards and slipped them in behind the pictures. It was an excellent way to remember him on his birthday. When he got home we went out together one day for lunch and I surprised him with the album. It was a precious time--the baby was sleeping, so we had a focused time to look through all the pictures and talk. :)

Just three days after Mitch and Micah returned home, my mom Janet flew up to Minnesota to visit. Eden and I (and Genna) drove down to the airport to pick her up. Before coming home we shopped at Ikea, sweated in stop-and-go traffic on 169, and stopped at a huge fabric warehouse. I loved having this time with her, even if the car was hot hot hot (a/c doesn't work).

While she was here we started a huge project in the basement. That is a separate blog post to come. Here are some more pictures with Mamaw:

We miss her so much already!! I am so thankful she came to visit.

I can't believe she's been gone a week. The days have sped past in a blur. We have continued work on our basement project. Today and tomorrow Mitch has to travel to a training, so we won't get much on that done. I will wait to write up a post when we are closer to finished. I hope to use the time to get caught up on a few other things, knowing that I will never be really "caught up" and praying I will be satisfied in the work that I do finish. ;)

Genesis is 6 months old tomorrow! Writing a blog post and snapping some pictures are at the top of my list.

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