Friday, August 21, 2015

School Starts Monday...


I'm not ready.

Not even close.

Like, this is the worst it has ever been.

The least prepared I've ever been.

I'll take 4 more weeks of summer, please.



Oh goes nothing!

Micah and Eden are doing 100% of their coursework at the community college this year through the PSEO program. They are registered for classes (I think Micah for 12 credits, and Eden for 15). Parking pass has been purchased. Books were picked up. Their schedule is all typed into my google calendar and synced to all our phones. We are a go for launch.

Caleb is starting his first year of high school. Here is his course line-up:
  • Notgrass World History. Covers History, Language Arts, and Bible. I am seriously thrilled with this curriculum so far. We will see if that holds out.
  • Apologia Biology
  • Responsible Driving (another driver in the family already?!?)
  • Saxon Algebra II. I almost didn't. I asked him no less than three times if he was sure he wanted to stick with Saxon (because their Algebra II and Advanced Math courses include Geometry and are technically 3 high school math credits, but it's a LOT of hard work).
Zeke is in 6th Grade.
  • History and Language Arts are built around IEW's Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons. We are using the TruthQuest History Guides for extra literature but following the timeline presented in IEW's course. I have done exactly zero preparation for this. Unless I miraculously stop time, we will not be starting this for a couple weeks yet.
  • Science is fun--we are using Science in the Ancient World by Dr. Jay Wile, so it all comes together nicely. But let's be realistic. Science is my lowest priority and only happens if it's able to happen. It's the first thing I axe if the day is not going well.
  • Zeke will keep practicing keyboarding.
  • Also we will keep working through All About Spelling.
  • We will use several resources I have for practicing grammar--Fix-It! Grammar from IEW, Winston Grammar, and some worksheets from the Critical Thinking Company. 
  • Math-U-See for Math
Josh is in 5th Grade and Malachi is in 3rd. They will do the same stuff as Zeke, except they are both learning to write cursive this year. If you listen carefully, you can probably hear Josh still whining about it.

Tirzah is in 1st Grade. She is working on reading, writing and arithmetic. We are using All About Reading, A Reason For Handwriting, and MUS Alpha.

Big goal #1 this year:
I want my kids to know who Jesus is.

Other goals:
What "kindness" is and how to show it
Learning to do chores responsibly
Having fun together
Parents reading aloud to kids every day

Ok, I'm not any more ready for school to start (in THREE days--YIKES) than I was a few minutes ago, so I really need to run now...

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