Monday, August 03, 2015

Ukraine Pictures

I realize I shared all (and more) of these on facebook, but it's easier to find them on my blog, so here they are. :)

 {Outside the church}

 {Ukrainian Flag}

 {Mitch's favorite candy, a gift from Zhenya}

{Zhenya and ladies preparing food--such a blessing to our team}

{Andrew preaching on Sunday morning}

{Oksana, Barb, Heather}

{Micah wants to stay in Ukraine}

{Butterfly testimony...hehe...nice framing?}

{American crowd draw...they dressed up the Americans and drew the crowd!}

{Birthday party food}

{Micah and Andrew leading sports}

{Teaching Ukranian kids rugby...only my boys don't know how to play rugby}

{Men's Bible Study}

{Young ladies made towels for our team members}

{Formal meeting with the college president (the college is where they have the VBS)}
{Mitch taught a few kids how to say 'naughty' in sign language}

{These children are receiving their first Bibles}

{Packed in like sardines on the way out to the village}

{Adorable! Miroslav}

{At the village}

{Mitch said, "One of the hardest teaching moments. I had to help this very shy beautiful girl to make this bird using only the words yes, no, hi, dog, and good morning."}

{Zhenya spoiled Mitch with triple servings of dessert!}

{Youth outreach}

{Zhenya's hot house and gardens...they ate a lot from there}

{Micah giving his testimony}

{The Khorol church}

Our team with Pastor Grigori and family, and AJ (translator)

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