Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Double Digits for Josh!

Josh was my baby when I started this blog. Now he's 10 years old. They say that blogging is a dying thing, and maybe it is. But I'm not giving up yet, even if I rarely find time to write...momentous occasions such as this one still grab my voice.

 Josh: entrepreneur, thinker, adventurer

 {Small gathering}

 {When I was little, I couldn't wait to be 10 so that I could hold up all my fingers when someone asked me how old I was. I don't actually remember ever doing it once I was finally 10. Funny that now all our fingers together doesn't cover my}

 {I will get the cake this way!}

 {Silly faces}

 {Mercy wants a front row seat}

 {I made the cake similar to how I made Micah's cake last year, with ice cream in the middle. I made it Sunday morning, then put it in the freezer until Monday evening. It was quite frozen by then!}

At 10 years old, Josh
~loves legos, minecraft, and hanging out with friends
~thinks he's 16 not 10, and wants all the privileges that come with it
~wears size 10 pants and 10-12 shirts
~wears size 6 shoes (last size in the children's section--men's shoes from here on out!)
~enjoys riding his bike or rollerblading
~favorite subject in school is spelling, least favorite is math
~is allergic to cats, horses, dust mites, and who knows what else--he takes allergy meds all the time and still occasionally has reactions and we can't always figure out what triggers it
~favorite foods are pizza, mac and cheese, and tacos
~favorite dessert is cookies
~thinks he will be a video game tester when he grows up (ha! I just popped that bubble when I told him that the market is much too competitive.)
~ok, wants to have a job at AirMaxx when he is bigger
~favorite colors are black and purple
~just read Trumpet of the Swan by EB White and loved it
~favorite thing to watch on tv is Ninjago
Me: "What do you like about your family?"
Josh: "They are fun mostly."

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