Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

This year's fall photo shoot was a massive challenge. I think it's getting harder each year. :) We headed to the park early, and I asked Mitch to meet us there after work. I spent the first hour or so taking individual pics of everyone except Micah (I'm going to shoot his senior photos on a completely different day, hopefully soon). I think we were there too long, and everyone started unraveling after just a few family photos. I also am puzzled that sometimes I can just nail it with the camera settings, and at other times I completely mess up. Some of the shots have excellent exposure while others needed some editing. I'm still very much an amateur! Mercy was incredibly uncooperative. I even took her out on Friday afternoon to do re-takes, and it was a bust. Oh well...maybe next year, right?

Here are the results, and I'll try to pick some funny outtakes to share also.

16 years old
11th grade

14 years
9th grade

12 years
6th grade

10 years
5th grade

8 years
3rd grade

{He asked, "Will you take my picture by the giant ear in the tree?"}

6 years
1st grade

4 years old
 {The look Obi makes when we ask him to smile.}

2 years


8 months

 {Be sure to focus on Malachi. Later when looking at these pictures Tirzah criticized Caleb for drifting so far away from the rest of the family.}

 {That one was *almost* a good one}

 {Silly faces}

 {Pretend to fight with someone}

{Josh got grass in his shirt, and took it off to shake it out. Obi copied him, then stayed that way for a few pictures. I lost it. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I laughed so hard I cried. We were so done.}

I'm considering new ideas for next year. I hope that someone comes up with something brilliant. Maybe I'll find it on Pinterest.

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