Thursday, October 08, 2015

Genna is 8 months!

Boy, September sure did seem to hurry right along. I'm thinking back, trying to get a grasp on the past month, and it just looks so blurry!

So what is new with Genna this month?

~got a second tooth through
~is really fast at crawling
~pulls up on everything (and sometimes topples over)
~wears mostly 12 mo clothes (last month I wasn't sure what size fall/winter clothes to put out...that's no longer a difficult decision!)
~says "ma-ma"
~tries to communicate with all of us

She is crawling faster now. She sometimes surprises me. A little while ago I was doing dishes and she crawled in and pulled up hanging on to my pants. I was sure she would fall over, but my hands were all soapy. Thankfully a big brother was able to come to the rescue!

She is slowly improving with eating solid foods. She usually doesn't eat much, but every now and then she surprises me there too. She usually starts out doing great, then drops off interest until she refuses to open her mouth at all. She loves to feed herself. I hope as she gets a little bigger that she will do well with table foods.

Sleep is not improving. :(

Here is some 8 month-old adorable chubbiness!

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