Saturday, October 03, 2015

Update in Pictures!

Gonna hit you with a ton of pictures... They are a little out of order as far as the date goes, but it's tedious to fix in such a long post (in other words, I'm being lazy).

We started school at the end of August. Eden is off to the technical college for her first year, and Micah is in his second year. So far both are doing well.

On the home front, I had a tough time getting started with "the four." (Zeke, Josh, Malachi, and Tirzah). Caleb is working very independently and only needs gentle reminders to stay on track. After a horrible first three days of school, I caved, cried, and eliminated some things from our task list. Now a month later I have been able to add back in those things. We still aren't running perfectly (and never will be), but I am not painting with the broad, dark strokes that I was that day back in August when I thought all was lost. There's always a bit of putting my own desires to death when homeschooling. The sooner I figure that out and take care of it, the better things go. It's not all my fault, though. These guys have had to learn that they will get their schoolwork done, whining or not. Some of them still test me every day...

 Eden had another sewing project she hoped to complete before a friend's wedding in September. We pulled it off just in time (though the zipper nearly won).

One of the last major projects on our list was to fix our back door. Four years ago when we redid the flooring upstairs, we found the back door had been leaking. At that time we took out the entire door and replaced it, but the new door still leaked. And worse, it had a gap in the door so that during the winter the cold wind would come through the door. Obviously we wanted to get it fixed, but it's amazing how quickly four years can go by! A friend from church who is knowledgeable agreed to spend a weekend helping us with this project. He pulled off the siding, and he and Mitch actually raised the threshold of the door. He installed new flashing. We also put a thick vinyl board along the bottom next to the deck to protect the house from whacks with a shovel. We haven't had a hard, driving rain to test the water-tightness of the door, but we feel confident that the problem is solved. The raised threshold isn't as awkward as I feared it would be. The best part so far is that the door closes properly and tightly. I can't wait to be able to get a storm door on the back now and to finish the laminate floor inside! But for now, I'm relishing in another completed project.

 I needed a project. Ha! Ok, I need to relax. I decided the time was right to learn how to do this:

I got a decent distance before I realized my gauge was pretty far off. So I ripped it out and started again. I have recovered my distance, but unfortunately I lost one of my needles. It's ok--I can knit with 4 needles instead of 5, but I can't knit with 3, so I hope I don't lose any more! I also hope I find the missing needle before I try to learn how to do the heel. My gauge is better, but not perfect. If I can figure this out, I will buy a magic loop needle in the size I need.

We have slowly worked on remodeling the boys' old room--my former sewing room--for Eden's bedroom. She was able to move in just a couple weeks ago. We found the dressing screen (above) at the thrift store. It was brand new in the box. It was missing a price tag, and I thought for sure it would be expensive. But the guy tagged it and brought it back--he had put $14.99 on it, and I had a 25% off coupon. I'm pretty sure we "stole" this. :) It is so beautiful.

She took down the ceiling fan blades and painted them. She's so creative!

Eden is learning a little music to accompany her singing. She has been practicing the guitar as well as the piano.

This yummy breakfast will probably always be a happy memory for me.

Caleb and Micah are learning the guitar as well (all are self-taught). Caleb used babysitting money to purchase an electric guitar. I hope they all keep practicing!! Eden joined Portable Audio at Youth for Christ this semester, where she is being mentored by a sweet woman from our church who often leads worship. Caleb hopes to join next semester, but this semester he has a regular babysitting job.

Mitch and I took a walk with these two cuties...but Mercy didn't ride for very long. She spent most of the walk doing this:

I devised a new system for chores. Malachi was so excited to learn how to mop with the steam mop. My chore system was a big flop, though. Phooey.

Zeke loves to collect bottle caps. When the boys moved into their new "bedroom," Mitch encouraged him to actually do something with the bottle caps. This is what they came up with. Isn't it great??
And you might notice something new about Zeke's smile. He has braces! His dentist recommended a slight adjustment to his teeth, limited orthodontia treatment. It won't make his teeth perfectly straight like a full ortho treatment would, but this is cheaper and is done by his regular dentist. It will improve his bite. He's so adorable.
My garden has the blight so so bad. This fall we will just take the entire thing out. :( I suppose that since it is October, that I should amend that to be any day now...

Mercy has long enough hair for piggy tails!

My pretty girls...I can't believe I have four of them.

Do these even need an explanation?? At least they are washable markers!

Mercy was so excited to show me this bee!

I tried to get pictures of the supermoon eclipse. I need some more practice. ;)

Ok, I wish I had more time, but I don't...

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