Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Zeke's Golden Birthday

Zeke turned 12 years old yesterday! It was also his "golden birthday," meaning that he turned 12 years old on the 12th. (Coincidentally, Caleb had his golden birthday this year also. Josh is lamenting that he won't celebrate his "golden" until he turns 31...hahaha!) I am lamenting that Zeke will be a "teenager" next year. It does not seem possible! I had some fun reading back through previous blog posts about Zeke.  Here's a couple photos dug up from my harddrive:

{Zeke, just a couple days old}

 {100% adorableness at 2 years old}

Zeke had a fun birthday. He was indecisive about what to have for his birthday meal and cake. He wanted to have chicken wild rice soup, but we just had it last Wednesday. He asked for pigs in a blanket, but I whined and said they are gross. Then I made them for supper anyway on Saturday night (and they were gross, and we had lots of leftovers!). He asked for hamburgers on the grill, but I said the weather was going to be too nasty to grill...so I made those on Sunday when the weather was nice. He finally settled on chimichangas, which we had! So in the end, he got pretty much everything he asked for. ;) He even got to have some special guests.

 (Eden, who was taking these pictures for us, suggested that Mitch smile more. hehe)

 (Eden did a very nice job piping the frosting onto the carrot cake cupcakes!)

At 12 years old, Zeke

~is tenderhearted. He is so sweet (most of the time). He wears his heart on his sleeve.
~has energy bounded only by asthma, most of the time he is bursting at the seams. It catches me off guard and pierces my heart when he says "no" to an activity because he can't breathe well (he also forgets to take his inhaler).
~still shrugs his shoulders and says "What?" when I give him "the look" or call his name when he is in trouble
~loves to read, and he learns best when he reads what he wants then tells it back to someone who is interested
~loves to talk with people--anyone who will listen. He is the definition of an extrovert.
~has nice handwriting
~likes to build forts
~plays well with his younger siblings
~isn't too bad at riding the ripstick
~tries to be funny all.the.time

Zeke seems to be thriving and flourishing where he is planted. But sometimes I worry that he is too special for me, that we are going to mess up somehow. It's just so easy to hurt is heart, and it's so hard to find the right way to teach him. Zeke has been challenging me and making me grow for 12 years, and I anticipate it will continue to be so for quite a few more. I hope I will increase in patience and understanding. It is such a privilege to get to spend each day with him. We love you, Zeke!

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