Friday, December 04, 2015

Genna is 10 months!

Whew--November flew by and I thought several times I should write a little update. Oh well. Here's a short post about our little Genny Pig. ;)

I think her hair is growing a little. That's not all that's growing. She has some massive thighs. Two weeks ago at the doctor, Genna weighed 21 lbs 2 oz and was 28.5" long. She was in the 90% for her weight and the 75% for height. She is eating solid foods better this month. I have been putting her in the exersaucer to feed her instead of in a high chair. She bounces and spins and gets a few bites in. She is nursing about every 2 hours, even through the night. -.- Unfortunately she has "nipped" me a few times too. That might be my least favorite part of nursing.

{On my birthday}

Genna is doing really great at crawling. Most of the time she does a weird little crawl where she halfway sits up and slides one leg along the floor. I've noticed that on the rare chance she is on a non-slippery floor she is more likely to crawl like normal. She pulls up to stand, but she has had a few tumbles, so she is more cautious now. I love that she automatically starts bobbing up and down any time she hears music.

She seems to like some siblings better than others. It could be that she is figuring out who hurts her. ;) She laughs hysterically when she looks at their pictures on the wall. She's very jealous of Mercy and throws a fit any time I hold Mercy. Mercy still loves her anyway, most of the time. Genna adores Caleb. Everyone loves her to pieces and the younger kids often fight over who gets to hold her or play with her.

I got a cute video of Mitch and Tirzah helping Genna walk. I'm not going to take time to upload it tonight, so you will have to look at the picture instead.

Genna is babbling a lot. I am impressed with all the different sounds she can make. She is still very fluent in raspberries and gets quite serious about them.

She seems to be aware of the many devices laying around our house and has taken an interest in them. She is watching what the older kids do and trying to mimic them. She grabs any remotes or controllers anytime they are left within reach. I often hear, "Genna!" when she has grabbed something that a sibling left.

She is very shy around strangers, or anyone who isn't in our immediate family really. She will often cry if they get too close. This is so funny to me, because I know that she is very "social." It will be interesting to see how she changes as she grows.

Genna isn't sleeping too great at night. She is usually up every couple hours. Sometimes it can be hard to get her back to sleep. Sometimes she gets confused and thinks it's time to be up for the day. That can mean that we are awake for 2 or more hours in the middle of the night. ::yawn:: During the day she usually takes two naps, but more recently she has had a few days where she only took one. 

I'm sure that Mitch could add a few things here that I'm forgetting, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

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