Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kaleidoscope Heart by Eden

This semester Eden has had the opportunity to participate in Portable Audio at Central MN Youth for Christ. She was paired with a mentor (Christy, who often leads worship at our church). She wrote her own song. Before the school year began, she purchased a full-size keyboard from a friend. She taught herself to play chords. So then she was able to not only write lyrics to her song, but music also. She worked on it all semester with Christy's help. Last night was performance night! She did amazing, but I think the highlight of the night for me was seeing so many people give her compliments. My heart was overflowing, and I hope hers was too. I have waited so long to share this with here are photos and video!

This is a description piece that Eden wrote for her song. She has been writing a new blog, Undercover Oddity, to share her writing pieces. You can follow the link to see the lyrics and chords to Kaleidoscope Heart, and to see more that she has written. I hope you will encourage her!


Christy played for Eden during her performances of Kaleidoscope Heart

How do you like our little photo bombers? And Mitch's tats? (It's a sock, lol, but it looks pretty cool! He got it at a conference this week.)

Eden with her mentor, Christy

Her first live performance. She performed 3 times, and yes, I videoed every single time. :)

The "official" recording with the lyrics

Oh, one more thing, Eden made her dress. We had a little bit of a challenge finding a good contrasting fabric, but when we found the fabric with music on it, we knew it was right.

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