Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Caleb is 15!

Caleb marked #15 last week, and I almost forgot to blog about it! Actually, I was hoping he would also get his driver's knowledge test taken and we would have two things to celebrate. But he wants a little more time to study and prepare.

Just a few years ago, Caleb was counting down the days until he would be 13 and could get a facebook account. Now he can't wait to be 16, have a driver's license, and get a "real" job. He babysits, but he "needs" more money. $$$$$$$$$ Ah, this started a bit too soon for him I think. Oh well.

Caleb has definitely adjusted to the role of teenager well. He
~is still fairly easy-going
~likes Mountain Dew (and Pepsi)
~is in 9th grade
~is taller than me
~loves hanging out with friends, going to youth group and small group
~seems to be working to make his faith his own

~enjoys playing Minecraft (more than any other video game) and has a few board games he likes (Munchkin is one)
~likes Doctor Who, Harry Potter (books and movies), books by Bryan Davis and Donita K. Paul, plus just about any of the Marvel or other super hero genre movies/tv shows (I can't even keep up...Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, then there's Arrow, Flash...)

 ~is a fan of t-shirts and jeans, hoodies, or anything that used to belong to Patrick. ::grin::
~is also a fan of bow-ties (thanks to the Doctor)

 ~is protective of his baby sisters...must be all that time he spent walking them to sleep!

 ~took on the 5x5 cube like nobody's business. He mixed up the cube and solved it the first time in under 2 hours. He then says, "Well, that took an embarrassing amount of time." The next time he solved in under 15 minutes. Sheesh.

~is a "perfect Paula" in school. He's really good at his assignments, but I will say his discipline to get his work done in a timely fashion may be limited. ;) He says it's my fault. ;) Yeah...well...

Don't hurry, Caleb, you're growing fast enough. We love you!

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