Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Genna is 11 months old!

Only 4 short weeks to go and Genna will be a year old. I can hardly believe it...I wish it could be a little bit longer.

Genna and Mercy have had a bad cold for a few days. It started with a cough, then a runny nose started. Yesterday Genna's nose was so plugged that she had difficulty nursing. In her frustration, she bit me. I yelped and she cried. It happened a second time, and she seemed to get over it and did ok the rest of the day. Last night when we were settling down to nurse to sleep, she bit me again and I only flinched, but quickly put a finger to her mouth to detach her. As soon as she felt my finger, she let go and wailed. After that she refused to nurse. She cried for about an hour while I walked, rocked, hugged, patted, rubbed, etc., trying to comfort her. I even got skin-to-skin with her but she refused. Since we ALWAYS nurse to sleep at night I can understand her deep frustration. A "nursing strike" can be such an emotional event for both baby and momma. She finally exhausted herself and fell asleep around 10:30 pm. I somehow recall getting her to nurse later on one side, but maybe I was just dreaming. They do call those "dream feeds" but more for the baby than for the mom, haha. At 4 am she woke up and would not nurse again. So I grabbed my pump and quickly pumped 4 oz of milk (go me!). We went upstairs and got a bottle. The last time I pumped some bottles and left Genna with Mitch so I could go to daycare trainings, Genna refused to drink from the bottle. But this time she was a little timid at first when I offered it to her, but soon she was chugging. She drank it all. Then we commenced walking, rocking, etc, until she curled into me and went to sleep. Thankfully, she slept until almost 8. This morning she again refused to nurse, and I pumped 8 oz of milk. I have pumped again since then. It's so sad. She will turn towards me like she will nurse, but then it's as if she remembers and she will give an angry cry and push away again. :( I suspect she could have an ear infection, so I'm watching for signs that she needs to see a doctor.

I don't have so many great pictures to share, but here are a few!
 Caleb is a huge help with putting her to sleep. I try not to ask him TOO much, but he says he's retiring after this. No more baby whisperer for me. Hehe. I hope he gets the chance to be a dad some day. He has basically zero experience changing diapers, but he will make up for that in calming tired babies. :)

 I call Genna "my little ankle biter." She follows me around and tries to be with me constantly. I can distract her when I need to work in the kitchen by letting her play with utensils or the pots and pans. I love that I am just like moms from days gone by. Times change, but some things stay the same.

 Genna has clear blue eyes. Mitch has clear blue eyes, while mine have some flecks in them. So the kids end up with one or the other. I am not sure if Genna's will stay so blue, but for now I just love them. I love gazing long into her eyes. 

Genna loves to play pat-a-cake. It's a really great way to distract her because she almost can't stop herself from clapping once someone starts saying the rhyme. 

At 11 months Genna also
~has 2 more teeth on top (the lateral incisors) to make 6 teeth total
~walks holding on to furniture or her walking toy. She will push anything along to walk. But she resists walking holding on to hands thanks to some pushy older siblings. She has had a few tumbles and bruises from falling.
~loves to wave "hi" and "bye"
~babbles and "sings"
~plays peek-a-boo by holding things over her face
~covers her ears and pretends she can't hear you (seriously...she laughs and thinks it's hilarious)
~still isn't crazy about baby foods, but does enjoy feeding herself
~refuses to sit in a high chair
~has more hair now, in a dark blonde color
~sleeps about the same as she did at 10 months
~loves balls
~loves any toys that make music
~wears a size 4 shoe and has wide feet

Get well soon, baby girl!

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