Saturday, January 30, 2016

Love from Germany

We love our German exchange students Patrick and Kathi so much. I am still amazed to reflect on that time of our lives and how blessed we were to have them. We got a beautiful letter from Kathi, updating us on all that she has been doing. Patrick's family sent us some packages with fun and special gifts. They added to our nativity, which has quickly become my favorite Christmas decoration. Their gifts are always so thoughtful and so appreciated.

 There were two boxes that arrived about a week apart. The top one apparently went to Canada. Is that the long way around or the short way around? :)


I replaced all our "meaningless" coffee mugs with our special new mugs from Germany. The kids have already enjoyed a few rounds of hot chocolate in their mugs.

Every year we say how much we hope to visit Germany soon and see Patrick and Kathi and their families. Mitch and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in January 2017, and we are beginning to give our dream a real foundation. For years I have thought about how we could make the 20th a "big" celebration. We would love to travel to Ukraine to visit our sister church, as well as to Germany. I hope so much that this will happen for real!

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