Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Ice Skating

Even though we live in Minnesota and virtually every body of water freezes for at least part of the winter, every year, we have never gone ice skating. There is a spot in town where you can go borrow skates for free, so we decided to try it out this year. I will only share a few of the best pictures.

 {Tirzah, who loves to roller blade, was a natural on the ice}

 {Mitch and Mercy, poor Mitch--no size 15 skates}


 {Obi, who looks adorable}

 {Zeke and Mercy--Zeke didn't like skating much, so switched back to boots right away.}

 {Mercy and Genna}



 {Malachi and Obi}

 {Me and Mitch--I did have on skates for a little while, but it wasn't that great.}

{Josh's first time playing hockey!}
 {Josh and Josh (a leader from church) playing hockey}

 {Eden--this whole trip was her idea! She did a great job getting people to come out and skate.}

Micah didn't come, though a few of his friends did.

I can't remember as much of the story from the day as I thought I would. Just before we packed up to go home, I went back out on the ice to round everyone up. I misjudged my step, I think, but the next thing I knew I was crashing backwards onto the ice. I couldn't even break my fall. I smacked my head pretty hard as I fell, and just laid there in disbelief for a little while, closing my eyes against the awful pain. We got everyone home, and Mitch took me to the urgent care clinic to get my head checked out. They did a CT scan and thankfully nothing was broken or bleeding. I did have a minor concussion, and it took a good two weeks for the headache to really let up. The first night the stiffness in my neck pulled at my shoulders and chest, causing quite a bit of anxiety and making it hard to sleep. That was the only night with intense pain. The soreness gradually subsided and I am more or less back to normal (3 weeks later).

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