Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mercy's 3rd birthday!

Last Thursday we marked 3 years of cuddling Miss Mercy in our arms.

{20 weeks}


{1 year from birth}

{2 years}

{3 years!}
At 3 years old, Mercy
~has an adorable smile and laugh
~loves the color pink, hair bows (even if she doesn't leave them in), and fancy skirts or dresses
~also loves to just stay in her jammies all day
~mostly wears size 3T because of length, not weight...she's pretty light still
~wears a size 8 shoe...I think...depends on the brand or on how badly she wants to wear a different-sized pair!
~loves shoes, too, if you couldn't guess

{with a treat that Devona brought her}

~is my sister's mini-me, right???

{card from Grandma Cindy}

{with a treat from Micah}

{Card from Grandma Karen}

{Fancy skirt #1}

 {adorable Melissa and Doug dress up doll}

{too pooped to party}

Mercy is so full of character and spunk. She
~holds her breath when she's upset until her lips turn blue and she no longer has the strength to stand (seriously, make this bad habit stop now! She fell down the stairs once while having a tantrum.)
~has been potty training for a year now and still doesn't quite "get" it. She rarely takes the intiative to go to the potty on her own before it's too late. She can stay dry at night, but we still use pull-ups just in case. She just doesn't think to stop playing and go.
~has a pretty great vocabulary, but sometimes stutters. This especially happens if she doesn't feel like she has my attention.
~currently has no eczema spots while Genna is covered head-to-toe. (I only want to document it here so I can compare when June and the warmer weather comes.)
~says of herself, "I have a special kind of hair" and that she wants "hair like Eden's." I told her that Eden's hair used to be white like hers and she didn't believe me. I showed her pictures, and she thought they were of herself. :)

{Eden had a lot more hair!}

~says to me, "I want one and two ponytails," as she counts on her fingers
~sleeps with Eden almost every night, but she sometimes falls asleep with Tirzah first
~loves to play outside and couldn't care less about how cold she gets
~loves broccoli and lots of other veggies and fruits, she's a pretty good eater
~loves to play on the Kindle Fire (kids' edition). And I love the parental controls timer feature. ;)
~if she has a nap, she is a terrible bear when she wakes up. :( Cuddles from mom are a 100% must!
~loves dolls and playing with the Fisher Price Little People sets we have--she has a great imagination!

What a sweet blessing you are, Mercy. I am thankful each day for you!

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