Saturday, April 02, 2016

Eden has another birthday!

T minus 1 year until she is a legal adult. One year until she graduates high school. One year until she earns her AA degree (a 2-year college degree). Unbelievable.

We had beautiful weather for Eden's birthday. It was over 60F outside. Eden would have loved to have friends over for a party (she LOVES birthdays), but Tuesday was PA (portable audio at Youth for Christ) night, so there was no time. Now she's working all weekend long too.

Eden runs a busy schedule. She is a full time student at our community college, taking 16 credits. She also works 15+ hours per week. She has PA one night a week where she continues to develop her musical talent. She has youth group once a week, and on a different night meets with a smaller community group of teen girls from our church. Like, seriously, she's never home. I can't tell you the last time she washed dishes around here. ;) Haha. I just had to throw that out there...

I'm beginning to doubt whether I have adequately prepared her for real life. Just kidding. A little. She used to know how to do laundry, but since I got a new washer and dryer last year I haven't let anyone near them. Think she could figure it out? I had to take a training course just to navigate the options to buy the things. ;) She also knows how to balance a budget (we use the program You Need a Budget). She just disagrees with my attention to detail. After a particularly exasperating moment where I corrected her checkbook register for her, and admonished her that it must be all "matchy-matchy," she told me she would never ask me for help again. Therefore, I conclude that she will henceforth be able to handle it all on her own. She claims that she "can't even make a pan of brownies," yet she does manage to make spaghetti. And when I leave her with the kids they usually do just fine. Sometimes she even cleans the house. So I think she will make it ok.

Ok...joking aside...

In the past year Eden got her first job and her driver's license and started college. Her first semester she got a 4.0 (all A's) and was on the President's list. She has done well! She has met challenges to her faith on campus and is learning to make her faith her own. She isn't sure what she wants to do with the rest of her life just yet. She considered different schooling options for her senior year of high school, but finally decided to continue with her original goal of getting an Associate of Arts degree in general education studies. She would love to travel the world. This summer she is returning to Nicaragua with the youth team (Micah is going too, but Mitch and I are not going this year).

Eden is a tad bit taller than me. We pretty much wear the same size except in shoes. A matter of differing tastes in fashion keeps us from raiding each others' closets. She is mourning the loss of her blonde has steadily darkened to a light brown over the years. I feel her pain.

Eden has an affinity for french fries and also for chocolate. She sometimes gets a tummy ache after eating ice cream...I can relate. Her current favorite meal at home is sloppy joes.

Spanish is her favorite subject in school. I wish I could say it was college algebra but it isn't. :) She is in her second semester of Spanish. I'm so excited for her second trip to South America. She is taking college level algebra and she has honored me by asking for my help with her homework a few times. It feels so good I just can't even describe it. I love math. She's pretty good at it, too.

She loves music and art. She is still learning to play the piano, sing, and occasionally practices on the guitar too. She loves drawing and painting. She loves studying the Bible. She dreams of having a life where she can pursue all these things more.

We are proud of the young woman Eden is becoming. She is slipping from our grasp way too quickly!!

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