Saturday, April 09, 2016

Obadiah is 5 years old!!!

I realized this morning that for the first time since Micah was born, we don't have a little boy under 5 years old in our house. Weird.

I can't believe my little guy is so big. He is 100% ready to start kindergarten, at least in motivation.

At age 5 years old, Obi
~weighs 41 lbs
~is about 44 inches tall
~wears size 5T clothing
~wears a size 12 shoe

~made a treat all by himself for his birthday buddy, Mrs. E

~and received a birthday treat from Mrs. E--a frosted cookie
~loves basketball. And he doesn't quite understand that homeschool basketball is done for the year and won't start again until next January (which is practically 1/5 of his lifetime away!).

~makes a lot of different faces

~got this shirt, which is a favorite, for his birthday last year. Whoa, was it a "wear red/pink" day?

~has an unrealistic view of what he is able to do by himself. But he can NOT go downstairs by himself. Not at all. He is afraid. If he knows that Genna is sleeping downstairs, that will give him enough courage to do it. I was a negligent parent recently and downloaded a game to the kindle at the request of one of my older kids. I didn't look at the app (my mistake) until the kids had played it for a while and Obi had gotten totally freaked out. Poor guy. He loved it, but at the same time it terrified him even more to go into dark places alone. He would say things like, "Scary stuff is fun. I love scary stuff." But then he was too scared to go potty. A day or two after we deleted the app he came to me and said, "I know it's not real." Lesson learned, Momma. Check those ratings.

~wanted a strawberry cake with blue frosting and a lightning bolt
~didn't eat much of his cake after we cut it. I think he was too full. He said he "didn't like it very much." The next morning he had a piece for breakfast. :) I think we've just had too much cake and candy lately between birthdays and Easter.

~wanted chicken wild rice soup for dinner on his birthday, which was on Tuesday. On the Sunday before, when we typically eat leftovers for dinner after church, he asked for leftover chicken wild rice soup. He didn't understand that I had not made it yet. He thought it was as good as done. ::lol::
~also likes sloppy joes, hot dogs, cheese pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, ham sandwiches, quesadillas, apples, bananas, pineapples, and pears. He does not like spicy foods including tacos and chili. He's not a huge fan of dishes with a tomato sauce base either (pizza hotdish, lasagna, spaghetti), but he will usually try some when he sees everyone else so excited.

~wants to learn how to ride a bike (since Tirzah just learned). He told me he had a dream he learned how. :)
~got a new lego game for the xbox for his birthday, and it's his favorite
~sleeps in his own bed at night, but occasionally comes in our room to wake us. Looking at where we were a year ago, I'd say this is a big accomplishment.  I think he has growing pains a lot. Also sometimes he actually wakes up to go potty (yay!) and he gets scared to go back to his bed alone. He is a Daddy's boy at night, and Mitch is usually very quick to help Obi. Sometimes Mitch puts Obi into the bed next to him, then moves him back to his bed after he falls asleep. Mitch had a lot of growing pains when he was a kid, so he is an expert at giving middle-of-the-night leg massages. (I've even had a few when I get charlie horses during pregnancy.)
~can put his own laundry away by himself (whether he will do it or not is another story!)
~has a strong sense of justice and gets very angry when his rights have been violated. I've even seen him get angry on behalf of injustice done to another person. He is quick to administer punishment, too (ie: he hits his siblings, and even me, if he is mad). Of course we are always trying to interrupt patterns of behavior that are not ok. He seems to need a lot more empathy than some of our other children (at least on the outside). I'm all for justice, and I try to be fair whenever I can. I also try not to be lazy in administering justice. But the 5 year old's sense of justice isn't quite developed yet, and sometimes he disagrees with my judgement. Fun times. ;) I hope he learns to live by grace.
~is very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses. Empathy, listening to his problem, and giving hugs is what he often needs to unwind his anger.

Happy Birthday, Obadiah Benjamin!!!

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